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In the Mouth of Madness Quotes

In the Mouth of Madness is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . In the Mouth of Madness stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sandy King as producer, John Carpenter in charge of musical score, and Gary B. Kibbe as head of cinematography.

In the Mouth of Madness is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of In the Mouth of Madness is 95 minutes long. In the Mouth of Madness is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Julie Carmen as Linda Styles, Sam Neill as John Trent, Sam Neill as Teen, Jürgen Prochnow as Sutter Cane, Wilhelm von Homburg as Simon, David Warner as Dr. Wrenn, Charlton Heston as Jackson Harglow, and John Glover as Saperstein.

In the Mouth of Madness Quotes

David Warner as Dr. Wrenn

  • (David Warner) "There's a guard with a pair of swollen testicles who swears you wanted out of here."
  • (David Warner) "Did he make any requests?"
  • (John Glover) "Just -- one. A, uh -- single black crayon."

Sam Neill as John Trent

  • (Sam Neill) "This is a rotten way to end it."
  • (Jürgen Prochnow) "This is not the ending. You haven't read it yet."
  • (Sam Neill) "Your books SUCK."
  • (Sam Neill) "Like the book?"
  • (Sam Neill) "I love it."
  • (Sam Neill) "Good. Then this shouldn't come as a surprise."
  • (Sam Neill) "I'm sorry about the balls. It was a lucky shot, that's all."
  • (Sam Neill) "Oh, no, not The Carpenters --"
  • (Sam Neill) "Every species can smell its own extinction. The last ones left won't have a pretty time with it. In ten years, maybe less, the human race will just be a bedtime story for their children. A myth, nothing more."
  • (Sam Neill) "This book is going to drive people absolutely mad."
  • (Charlton Heston) "Well, let's hope so. The movie comes out next month."
  • (Sam Neill) "A word of advice. You want to pull a scam, don't make your wife a partner. And if you do, don't fuck around behind her back."
  • (Sam Neill) "This shit really sells doesn't it?"
  • (Julie Carmen) "More than you'd think. Surprised?"
  • (Sam Neill) "Lady, nothing surprises me anymore. We fucked up the air, the water, we fucked up each other. Why don't we just finish the job by flushing our brains down the toilet?"
  • (Sam Neill) "You're waiting to hear about my 'them', aren't you?"
  • (David Warner) "Your what?"
  • (Sam Neill) "My 'them'. Every paranoid schizophrenic has one; a 'them', a 'they', an 'it'. And you want to hear about my 'them', don't you?"
  • (David Warner) "I want to know how you got here."
  • (Sam Neill) "Things are turning to shit out there, aren't they?"
  • (Sam Neill) "Lady, nothing surprises me. We fucked up the air, the water, we've fucked up each other. Why don't we finish the job by flushing our brains down the toilet?"
  • (Sam Neill) "God's not supposed to be a hack horror writer."
  • (Sam Neill) "I'm not insane, you hear me. I'M NOT INSANE."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm not if he's not."
  • (Unnamed) "Me neither."
  • (Sam Neill) "Never, Never, Never -- throw chips at a driver."
  • (Sam Neill) "Oh, Jesus, this place makes my head hurt."

Wilhelm von Homburg as Simon

  • (Wilhelm von Homburg) "I have to, he wrote me this way."
  • (Wilhelm von Homburg) "Reality is not what it used to be."

Jürgen Prochnow as Sutter Cane

  • (Jürgen Prochnow) "I think, therefore you are."
  • (Jürgen Prochnow) "Did I ever tell you my favorite color was blue?"
  • (Jürgen Prochnow) "Do you want to know the problem with places like this? With religion, in general? It's never known how to convey the anatomy of horror. Religion seeks discipline through fear -- yet doesn't understand the true nature of creation. No one's ever believed it enough to make it real. The same cannot be said of my work."

John Glover as Saperstein

Julie Carmen as Linda Styles

  • (Julie Carmen) "Why don't you try reading his stuff? See if you can get it."
  • (Sam Neill) "Got any on tape?"

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