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The Black Hole Quotes

The Black Hole is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Black Hole stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ron W. Miller as producer, John Barry (composer) in charge of musical score, and Frank Phillips as head of cinematography.

The Black Hole is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Black Hole is 98 minutes long. The Black Hole is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Maximilian Schell as Dr. Hans Reinhardt, Joseph Bottoms as Lieutenant Charles Pizer, Robert Forster as Captain Dan Holland, Yvette Mimieux as Kate McCrae, Anthony Perkins as Dr. Alex Durant, and Ernest Borgnine as Harry Booth.

The Black Hole Quotes

Maximilian Schell as Dr. Hans Reinhardt

  • (Maximilian Schell) "Ohhhhhh. Ah, ah. Maximilian."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Help me. Help me."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Fools. Listen to me. Listen to me. Help. Help, help, help."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Protect me from Maximillian."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Prepare the probe ship."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Maximilian, the time has come to liquidate our guests."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "It's about time that people learned about their failures and my successes."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "You should come back with us and enjoy the glory of that success."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "I don't want to go back and I don't enjoy successes any more."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Increase power to maximum. We are going THROUGH."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Your crack unit, outwitted and outfought by some Earth robot, and that antique from Storage."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Tonight, my friends, we stand on the brink of a feat unparalleled in space exploration. If the data on my returning probe matches my computerized calculations, I will travel where no man has dared to go."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Into the black hole?"
  • (Maximilian Schell) "In; thorough; And beyond."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "More light --"
  • (Maximilian Schell) "The word "impossible", Mr. Booth, is only found in the dictionary of fools."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Some cause must have created all this, but what caused that cause?"
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Wait till they get clear -- then blown them out of the sky"
  • (Maximilian Schell) "They're going to collide into us -- shoot it down -- SHOOT IT DOWN"

Joseph Bottoms as Lieutenant Charles Pizer

  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Have you met the goon squad?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "-- I'm starving. What's on the menu for Christmas Eve?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Dehydrated turkey, with dehydrated oyster stuffing. Also dehydrated cranberry sauce, dehydrated gravy and giblets, dehydrated sweet potatoes in dehydrated orange sauce, dehydrated vegetable salad, dehydrated mince pie, dehydrated --"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "I envy you, VINCENT."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "That's not surprising. Why?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Because you don't have any taste buds."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "There is a saying that you can't unscramble eggs."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "A penny's worth of philosophy, right now, isn't going to buy us out of this now, V.I.N.CENT."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "A good offense is a the best defense."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "V.I.N.CENT, were you programmed to bug me?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "No, sir, to educate you."
  • (B.O.B.) "The officer the men trusted most was Frank McCrae."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Kate's father."
  • (B.O.B.) "They turned to him when Dr. Reinhardt ignored the orders to return home. He tried to take control of the Cygnus. Reinhardt called it mutiny and killed Mr. McCrae."
  • (Robert Forster) "What became of the crew?"
  • (B.O.B.) "They were captured by the sentry robots and are still on board."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "What?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Where?"
  • (B.O.B.) "In the command tower, and the power center."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Robots, Mr. Pizer. Humanoid robots."
  • (B.O.B.) "The most valuable thing in the universe, intelligent life, means nothing to Dr. Reinhardt. Without their wills, the crew became things he could command."
  • (Robert Forster) "That explains the funeral."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Right."
  • (Robert Forster) "And the limping robot you spotted."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "Do you mean to tell me that there is actually a human body under that clothing?"
  • (B.O.B.) "Exactly, Mr. Booth."
  • (Robert Forster) "We can't just take off and leave these poor devils behind. Harry, looks like we're going to have to try your plan."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "What? And end up just like the rest of the crew? Why, if they couldn't pull it off, what chance do we have?"
  • (B.O.B.) "Cap'n, the damage is irreversable. Death is their only release."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "That's right. For God's sakes, Dan. We can't take on that mechanical army."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Captain, I was forced to destroy two sentry robots. The others are searching now. If they're found --"
  • (Robert Forster) "Gotcha, V.I.N.CENT. Charlie, start the countdown."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Right."
  • (Robert Forster) "V.I.N.CENT, tell Kate I want her and Alex back here on the double."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "We'd be better off without you and Maximilian trying to knock heads."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "I can handle that thing."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Well, far be it from you to admit there isn't anything you can't handle."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "There are three basic types, Mr. Pizer: the Wills, the Won'ts, and the Can'ts. The Wills accomplish everything, the Won'ts oppose everything, and the Can'ts won't try anything."
  • (Robert Forster) "Well, do us all a favor, V.I.N.CENT, and try to be a Can't, especially where that monster is concerned. We need you, not another corkscrew."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "You know what they say, Vincent, all work and no play --"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "All sunshine makes a desert, so the Arabs say."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "As you were."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Dan, I'm sorry I blew my stack."
  • (Robert Forster) "It's all right Charlie, I think we all have a soft spot for the little guy."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Yeah."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Back off, V.I.N.CENT."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Not until he does."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "When you're nose to nose with a trash compacter, you cool it."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "What's up, V.I.N.CENT?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "The largest black hole I have ever encountered, Mr. Pizer."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Cuckoo as a Swiss clock."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Mr. Pizer?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Yes, V.I.N.CENT?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Mr. Pizer, I think you should come up here."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Every time I see one of those things I expect to spot some guy dressed in red with horns and a pitchfork."
  • (Robert Forster) "It's a monster, all right."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "A rip in the very fabric of space and time."

Robert Forster as Captain Dan Holland

  • (Robert Forster) "It's only dinner."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Said the spider to the fly."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "2130; day 547. Unscheduled course correction due at 2200. Pre-correction check: rotation axis plus three degrees. Nitrous oxide pressure: 4100 rising to 5,000. Quad jet C and D on preselect. Rotor ignition sequence beginning in 3-0. Thruster line reactors on standby."
  • (Robert Forster) "V.I.N.CENT, notify me with 15 to go. Alex?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Yes, Dan?"
  • (Robert Forster) "Have you determined a difference in ETAs with and without our correction?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Working on it. You know, we shouldn't be needing a correction at this time. V.I.N.CENT, run a confirmation on the last inertial fix and check it with another celestial, please."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "I have. It is correct. But I think I've found the reason for our present variation. Mr. Pizer?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Yes, V.I.N.CENT?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Mr. Pizer, I think you should come up here."
  • (Robert Forster) "Kate, either there's something wrong with our communications, or there's too much interference from the outside. See if you can get through to V.I.N.CENT with your ESP."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "I got through to V.I.N.CENT. He said there are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are very few old, bold pilots."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "She's tuned into V.I.N.CENT all right."
  • (Robert Forster) "Good."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Captain. Dr. Durant is dead. Maximillian killed him. They're taking Dr. Kate to the Hospital."
  • (Robert Forster) "V.I.N.CENT, get Old B.O.B. to show us the quickest way there."
  • (Robert Forster) "Hmph. Must have taken a wrong turn, Max."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "I don't like it when somebody else pulls the strings, Captain."
  • (Robert Forster) "Neither do I, V.I.N.CENT. Who's ever up in that control tower is calling the shots right now."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Whoever; or, whatever, Captain."
  • (Robert Forster) "I gotcha, B.O.B.."
  • (B.O.B.) "Let go, Cap'n. Save yourself."
  • (Robert Forster) "Charlie."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Heeelllllllppppp."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "No."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Heeeeeeelllllllllpppppp."

Ernest Borgnine as Harry Booth

  • (Ernest Borgnine) "You never obeyed the order to return to earth."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "That's right. I refused this order. There were larger considerations. Other worlds yet to be explored. Life dreams unrealized."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "The authorities would still consider that an act of piracy, Doctor."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "What would you have said, Mr. Booth, if the authorities would have called back Columbus just before he discovered the new world? You wouldn't even exist. I'm about to prove to you; that the end justify the means."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "He's going to do it. He's going to do it. He's really going to do it."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "That Reinhardt sure loves to play God, doesn't he."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "My God. Right out of Dante's Inferno."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Yes. A most destructive force; in the universe, Harry. Nothing can escape it, not even light."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "I had a professor who predicted that eventually black holes would devour the entire universe."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Why not? When you can see giant suns sucked in and disappear without a trace."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "If Reinhart has anti-gravity strong enough to hold us here, I figure he's got enough to pull away."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "So?"
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "So? So why not take this ship and Reinhart back home?"
  • (Robert Forster) "That's a long shot you're talking, Harry."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "Oh, come on. You've got two scientific wizards here who could figure out the computers and possibly even reprogram the robots. And the three of us can handle Reinhart and that pet monster of his. I tell ya -- we could all be heroes."
  • (Robert Forster) "We could also be dead."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "No sense leaving the story of a lifetime untold, Captain."
  • (Robert Forster) "I'm afraid there is, Harry."
  • (Robert Forster) "And it's staring straight at us right now."

Yvette Mimieux as Kate McCrae

  • (Yvette Mimieux) "If there's any justice at all, the black hole will be your grave."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Dan, the tether's broken."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "I'm going after him."
  • (Robert Forster) "Stay at your post, Charlie."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "What the hell are you made of? What if it was one of us out there?"
  • (Robert Forster) "V.I.N.CENT is one of us."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Alex, I will not have you throw your life away for this."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "He can do it, Kate. I know he can."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Oh, God, Alex."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "There's an entirely different universe beyond that black hole. A point where time and space as we know it no longer exists. We will be the first to see it, to explore it, to experience it."
  • (Ernest Borgnine) "Damn it all, Dan. If we wait for Alex, we may be too late. Don't you see? He's hypnotized by that man."
  • (Robert Forster) "V.I.N.CENT."
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Yes, Captain?"
  • (Robert Forster) "Tell Kate I want her back here fast, with or without Alex. Tell her why."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "V.I.N.CENT; are you sure you're alright?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Down, but never for the full count, Dr. McCrae."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Are you alright, V.I.N.CENT?"
  • (V.I.N.CENT) "Nothing a hammer and a little metal polish can't fix, thank you."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "-- Think this ship will hold together long enough to get us home?"
  • (Robert Forster) "I think we'll be okay."
  • (Robert Forster) "How can you have any doubts, with me and Charlie at the controls?"
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "After 18 months in deep space, it's nice to see that you've learned some humility."
  • (Robert Forster) "It'll be tough to go home after a year and a half, what with our principal reason for making this trip in the first place coming up unresolved."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Don't give up so easily. We'll still have a lot to study while curving home. And our sweep is just one expedition. There'll be others. I'll be sure to charm the powers-that-be into signing you and VINCENT on with any crew I can organize."
  • (Robert Forster) "The powers-that-be will have other plans for VINCENT -- like the scrapheap."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "I won't let them, not after all he's done for us. He's too good a friend. I'll -- adopt him, or something."
  • (Robert Forster) "VINCENT and I have been going on missions together since he was built. We're a package deal."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "I don't know if I can adopt you."
  • (Robert Forster) "That isn't quite what I've got in mind."
  • (Robert Forster) "Kate McCrae, will you --"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Dan? We've got something up here; I think you'd better take a look at it."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "Alex, I'm beginning to feel you want to go with him."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "On a glorious pilgrimage straight into what may be the mind of God. I do. I do."
  • (Maximilian Schell) ""And darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirt of God moved upon the face of the waters.""

Anthony Perkins as Dr. Alex Durant

  • (Anthony Perkins) "Fascinating."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "From a distance."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Are you interested in black holes?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "How can one not be overwhelmed by the deadliest force in the universe."
  • (Yvette Mimieux) "That long dark tunnel to nowhere."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "Or somewhere. These are exactly answers yet to be explored."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "You will be remembered as one of the greatest space scientists of all time."
  • (Maximilian Schell) "I've never doubted that."

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