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PoemOfQuotes Articles: Books, Poetry, Movies, and More

This section includes many articles written throughout PoemofQuotes' history on writing, relationships, (general) poetry, movies, and books.

Poetry is something which grabs us and gives us something we might otherwise not experience through literature. Beauty is something which grabs us and gives …Continue Reading

Darby Shaw, a soon-to-be law graduate and second in her class, is thrown into the midst of a nationwide manhunt after she single-handedly solves the …Continue Reading

Valentine’s day is a great way for kids and children of all ages to get involved in something fun. The day isn’t just about romance, …Continue Reading

I finally got around to watching Lakeview Terrace (alright, so the DVD came in the mail from BlockBuster). I have to say, the film leaves …Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered what Ludwig Beethoven said to his little “angel”? Have you ever found yourself pondering on what sort of soothing words Winston …Continue Reading

A 12 Step Program to Better Writing Habits Running out of ideas to write is the worst nightmare for writers. Nonetheless, there’s always something to …Continue Reading