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Funny Quotes

Laughing at some funny quotes helps us get through the bad times and help us get to the good. Whatever the words or saying, we can sit back and smile or have a good laugh and not have our worries bother us.

Hilarious quotations are something we all love. They make us smile while passing along a message which is unforgettable. Not to mention that everyone loves to read something that makes us laugh every now and then. It releases stress and gives us something to smile about after a rough day at work or school.

Below are some of PoemOfQuote's favorite humorous phrases, lines, and sayings about all walks of life: movies, work, alcohol, time, birthdays, love and more.

Humorous Quotations

Here they are! Don't forget to hold back your laughter if you are in public. Some are extremely funny, and some are short but still "haha" worthy. Hope you enjoy!