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Revenge of the Nerds Quotes

Revenge of the Nerds is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Revenge of the Nerds stopped airing in 1970.

It features Ted Field, and Peter Samuelson as producer, Thomas Newman in charge of musical score, and King Baggot (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Revenge of the Nerds is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Revenge of the Nerds is 90 minutes long. Revenge of the Nerds is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Ted McGinley as Stan Gable, Curtis Armstrong as Booger, Larry B. Scott as Lamar, Brian Tochi as Takashi, Robert Carradine as Lewis, Julia Montgomery as Betty Childs, David Wohl as Dean Ulich, Donald Gibb as Ogre, Matt Salinger as Burke, James Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick, Anthony Edwards as Gibert, Timothy Busfield as Poindexter, John Goodman as Coach Harris, Michelle Meyrink as Judy, and Lisa Welch as Suzy.

Revenge of the Nerds Quotes

Curtis Armstrong as Booger

  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Step aside momma, I wanna see some of that muff."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Oh Hair pie. Hair pie."
  • (Sergeant) "I do not know what this world is coming to. See that man over there. We arrested him for mopery."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "What's mopery?"
  • (Sergeant) "Mopery is exposing yourself to a blind person. I am sorry about your window, fellas, but that's out of our jurisdiction. This sounds more like a fraternity prank. But there's only one organization that can handle such matters."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "What is that?"
  • (Sergeant) "The Greek Council."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Big deal. Did you get in her pants?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "She's not that kind of girl, Booger."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Why? Does she have a penis?"

Ted McGinley as Stan Gable

  • (Ted McGinley) "Times are changing, Betty. These nerds are a threat to our way of life."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "Pretty soon, they'll be able to take over the Greek Council."
  • (Ted McGinley) "Yeah. And we'll be up to our armpits in nerd shit."

Matt Salinger as Burke

  • (Matt Salinger) "Well, let's get those nerds."
  • (Ted McGinley) "Nerds."
  • (Donald Gibb) "Nerds."
  • (Ted McGinley) "What are we waiting for?"

Timothy Busfield as Poindexter

  • (Timothy Busfield) "Wait; would you rather live in the ascendancy of a civilization or during its decline?"
  • (Omega Mu) "Poindexter, do you wanna fuck, or not?"
  • (Timothy Busfield) "Okay."

Robert Carradine as Lewis

  • (Robert Carradine) "Didn't I tell you we would find a nice place?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Yes, this is way better than the dorm."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "What was that?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "It says: "Nerds get out.""
  • (Brian Tochi) "What is a nerd?"
  • (Anthony Edwards) "We are."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Isn't she beautiful?"
  • (Robert Carradine) "Do any of you have dates, besides Gilbert?"
  • (Larry B. Scott) "I do."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Yeah, but that's with a guy."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Well, what about you, Booger?"
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "I've been out combing the high schools all day."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Hi, Betty."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "A nerd? I'm not kissing a nerd."
  • (Robert Carradine) "You have to. I paid my money."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "It's time for my break."
  • (Ted McGinley) "Kiss this, nerd."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "I want to do it, Stan. All this kissing has made me horny."
  • (Ted McGinley) "God, Betty, you're like a goat."

Larry B. Scott as Lamar

  • (Larry B. Scott) "Clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands. We're Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu. We come here on stage tonight to do our show for you. We got a rockin' rhythm and a hi-tech sound that'll make you move your body down to the ground. We got Poindexter on the violin, and Lewis and Gilbert will be joining in. We got Booger Presley on the mean guitar and a rap by little ol' me Lamar. We got Takashi beating on his gong, the boys and the Mu's are clapping along. And just when you thought, ya seen it all, along comes a Lambda four foot tall. So Wormser come on out here on the floor, so we can move our bodies, like never before. Break."

Julia Montgomery as Betty Childs

  • (Julia Montgomery) "Oh, Stan. You were wonderful. You did things to me you've never done before."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "Ahhh. You're that nerd."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Yeah."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "Oh, you were wonderful."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "Are all nerds as good as you?"
  • (Robert Carradine) "Yes."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "How come?"
  • (Robert Carradine) "'Cause all jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "Listen, if Stan calls tell him I'll call him back, okay?"
  • (Lisa Welch) "Okay."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Panty raid."
  • (Julia Montgomery) "That nerd saw me naked."

John Goodman as Coach Harris

  • (John Goodman) "You know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope; "Someday, my son will grow to be a man." Well look at you now; you just got your asses whipped, by a bunch of goddamn nerds."
  • (John Goodman) "Nerds. Well, if I was you, I'd do something about it. I would get up and redeem myself in the eyes of my father, my Maker, and my coach."

Brian Tochi as Takashi

  • (Brian Tochi) "I think I've got a frush."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "What the fuck's a frush?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "A frush."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Oh, well I've got two sevens and two sevens beats a frush."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Oh, thank you."
  • (Brian Tochi) "Maybe we could have robster craws."
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "What the fuck are robster craws?"
  • (Brian Tochi) "Excuse please, but why do they call you "booger"?"
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "I don't know."

David Wohl as Dean Ulich

  • (David Wohl) "You know, Coach. I'm going to let the Lambdas live over at the Alpha Beta house while you and your boys rebuild theirs."
  • (Matt Salinger) "Where the hell are we gonna live?"
  • (Donald Gibb) "Yeah. What about us ?"
  • (David Wohl) "You're jocks. Go live in the gym."
  • (David Wohl) "Frankly, I'm not too wild about this next even but it has become a tradition here at Adams: The Belching Contest."
  • (David Wohl) "First up, Frederick W. Palowakski."
  • (Donald Gibb) "It's "Ogre" you asshole."
  • (David Wohl) ""Ogre, you asshole.", uh "Ogre"."

James Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick

  • (James Cromwell) "Ah, you college men are all alike: all you think about is getting laid. I almost wish I was enrolling in school with you guys."

Anthony Edwards as Gibert

  • (Anthony Edwards) "I just wanted to say that I'm a nerd, and I'm here tonight to stand up for the rights of other nerds. I mean uh, all our lives we've been laughed at and made to feel inferior. And tonight, those bastards, they trashed our house. Why? Cause we're smart? Cause we look different? Well, we're not. I'm a nerd, and uh, I'm pretty proud of it."
  • (Robert Carradine) "Hi, Gilbert. I'm a nerd too. I just found that out tonight. We have news for the beautiful people. There's a lot more of us than there are of you. I know there's alumni here tonight. When you went to Adams you might've been called a spazz, or a dork, or a geek. Any of you that have ever felt stepped on, left out, picked on, put down, whether you think you're a nerd or not, why don't you just come down here and join us. Okay? Come on."
  • (Anthony Edwards) "Just join us cause uh, no-one's gonna really be free until nerd persecution ends."

Donald Gibb as Ogre

  • (Donald Gibb) "Thanks wimp, get yourself one."

Michelle Meyrink as Judy

  • (Michelle Meyrink) "Maybe we should eat?"
  • (Harold Wormser) "Maybe we should watch TV?"
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "Hey guys --"
  • (Curtis Armstrong) "-- wonder joints."

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