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Totally Spies! Quotes

Totally Spies! is a Spy fiction that first aired in 1970 on TF1. Totally Spies! stopped airing in 1970.

Totally Spies! was on for 6 seasons and 156 episodes. It features French, Claire Guyot, Fily Keita, Céline Mauge, Jean-Claude Donda, English, Jennifer Hale; Andrea Baker; Katie Leigh, Jess Harnell; Katie Griffin, and Adrian Truss doing voices, Moonbaby ) as theme composer, and Brian Higgins, Nick Coler; Tim Powell, Fabrice Aboulker, and Pascal Stive as composer. Totally Spies! is executive produced by Stephane Berry. Totally Spies! is created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay.

Totally Spies! is recorded in French, and English and originally aired in France, and Canada. Each episode of Totally Spies! is 24 minutes long. Totally Spies! is produced by Marathon Media; Image Entertainment Corporation and distributed by Zodiak Kids; Saban International. Spinoffs for this show include The Amazing Spiez!.

The cast includes: Andrea Baker as Clover, Jennifer Hale as Sam, and Jess Harnell as Jerry Lewis.

Totally Spies! Quotes

Andrea Baker as Clover

  • (Andrea Baker) "Now I know what sushi feels like."
  • (Andrea Baker) "And this must be what cooked sushi feels like."
  • (Alex Vasquez) "I think they just call that seafood."
  • (Andrea Baker) "Whatever."
  • (Andrea Baker) "You won't believe the stunt Chris pulled this time."
  • (Jennifer Hale) "Let me guess. he only called you eight times yesterday to say he loved you instead of the standard ten?"
  • (Andrea Baker) "Someone has to take the fall."
  • (Andrea Baker) "We have got to get out of here. I am too young to be old."
  • (Andrea Baker) "Jerry, would it kill ya' to send a limo, just once?"
  • (Andrea Baker) "Lumiere thinks he's nimble, Lumiere thinks he's quick, Lumiere just got busted by three tough chicks."

Jennifer Hale as Sam

  • (Jennifer Hale) "We've got a villain to catch."
  • (Andrea Baker) "Yeah and we also have one to save."
  • (Jennifer Hale) "Let go of me, you silicon-enhanced freaks."
  • (Jennifer Hale) "Time to go to Plan B."
  • (Andrea Baker) "Do we even HAVE a Plan B?"
  • (Jennifer Hale) "You'll never get away with your crazy scheme. By the way, what is your crazy scheme?"
  • (Jennifer Hale) "She's putting her sweat into the cologne."
  • (Alex Vasquez) "So, it's her sweat that keeps these guys possessed?"
  • (Andrea Baker) "That's genius. I mean, that's sick."
  • (Jennifer Hale) "Not a good time to lose your head."
  • (Alex Vasquez) "Clover, can you move your hand? The reflection off Mandie's ring is melting my face."
  • (Jennifer Hale) "Alex, that's it."
  • (Alex Vasquez) "What's it? Melting my face?"

Jess Harnell as Jerry Lewis

  • (Jess Harnell) "Sorry to interrupt your conversation just as things were "heating up"."
  • (Andrea Baker) "Not funny much."

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