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The Flight of Dragons Quotes

The Flight of Dragons is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Flight of Dragons ended its run in 1970.

It features Jules Bass as producer, and Maury Laws in charge of musical score.

The Flight of Dragons is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Flight of Dragons is 92 minutes long. The Flight of Dragons is distributed by American Broadcasting Company.

The cast includes: Harry Morgan as Carolinus, James Earl Jones as Ommadon, John Ritter as Peter Dickenson, James Gregory as Smrgol, Bob McFadden as Gorbash, and Victor Buono as Bryagh.

The Flight of Dragons Quotes

James Earl Jones as Ommadon

  • (James Earl Jones) "While your powers die, mine will flourish. Man will never inherit my domain, for I am making man mine."
  • (James Earl Jones) "Come devils, witches, demons, ogres, trolls, sandmerks, harpies, ghouls, sorcerers."
  • (John Ritter) "Come algebra, anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, geometry, mathematics, meteorology, mineralology, oceanography, paleontology, physics, psychology, sociology, trigonometry, and zoology."
  • (James Earl Jones) "Yes, Bryagh. It's your turn now. You and your legions. Attack. Demolish. Devour. Burn. Grind them to dust. Go forth and death be thy destination. Doom. Doom. A flight of dragons. I command it. The flight of dragons. Doom. Doom. Doom."

Harry Morgan as Carolinus

  • (Harry Morgan) "Good would be totally impotent, without the contrast of evil."
  • (Harry Morgan) "There was time between the waning age of enchantment and the dawning age of logic when dragons flew the skies, free and unencumbered. Look down there Gorbash, my friend. On the top of the earth below us, confusion and chaos reign. All mankind is facing an epic choice: a world of magic or a world of science. Which will it be?"
  • (Harry Morgan) "For as evil is a part of all things, evil is a part of magic."
  • (Harry Morgan) "I call on all Antiquity to give me magic enough. How does it begin? Carvic crom zohmini lava. Yes, Carvitome zohmini lavathol --"
  • (Princess Melisande) "Ahh. Father he's dropping Sir Peter."
  • (Victor Buono) "Hahaha. May a rock crush your skull."
  • (Harry Morgan) "Untumblay varistone misacronis madlayunrot -- Oh the blazes. Kala."

Bob McFadden as Gorbash

  • (Bob McFadden) "Whither dost thou command me, oh, master?"
  • (Harry Morgan) "Gorbash, please for pity's sake, no formalities."
  • (Bob McFadden) "Well, I, uh, like to do things by the book."
  • (Harry Morgan) "To the Temple of All Antiquity."
  • (Bob McFadden) "Right."
  • (Bob McFadden) "Where?"
  • (Harry Morgan) "I'll guide you as we go. Away."

James Gregory as Smrgol

  • (James Gregory) "What? Never had gemstones in your craw?"
  • (John Ritter) "I never had a craw."
  • (James Gregory) "Ah, shut up and eat yer limestone."

Victor Buono as Bryagh

John Ritter as Peter Dickenson

  • (John Ritter) "This is an heirloom. It must be worth something."
  • (Pawnbroker) "Your heir didn't loom too big. If I gave you 50, I'd be fired."

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