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Quotes About Various Holidays by Famous People

Holidays are an important part of every one's life. Many of our traditions, songs, activities, and even foods are important to these days. Many may not agree, but these days always give me a little bit of extra fun and something to look forward to.

Below you'll find some quotes about various holidays around the world by famous people. I hope you enjoy them.


An image for Austrlia Day
Australia Day

Celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove

Chinese symbols saying 'Happy New Year'
Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival by giving Red Envelopes.

Valentine's Day Romantic Words

Some great romantic sayings to help celebrate the day of love.

Valentine's Day Friendship

What's more important than friendship on the day of love?



Earth Earth Day

Our only home.

Earth Day

Saving our only home is important.


Nurses Day

These lovely ladies and fantastic males need our appreciation.




Columbus Day

It may be controversial but the world would look different without him.


Election Day On America

More on the country we all love or love to hate.

Election Day About politics

How politics touches us all (whether good or bad).

Election Day About voting

Voting is an important part of Democracy.

Election Day For Libertarians

Libertarians: the few, the proud, the libertarian.

Veterans Day

Let's all celebrate those who have served us.

Thanksgiving By Famous People

Read what authors, philosophers, and others have to say.

Thanksgiving Gratitude

We need to show our gratitude on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Inspiration

Here are some words to help inspire you.

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Here are some thoughts on the holiday.

Thanksgiving About Turkey

We all love it. We all eat it. Now read what famous people think about it.


Christmas Movies

Some of our favorite holiday lines come from films.