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Running Scared (1986 film) Quotes

Running Scared (1986 film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Running Scared ended its run in 1970.

It features David Foster as producer, Rod Temperton in charge of musical score, and Peter Hyams as head of cinematography.

Running Scared (1986 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Running Scared (1986 film) is 107 minutes long. Running Scared (1986 film) is distributed by MGM Entertainment Co..

The cast includes: Billy Crystal as Danny Costanzo, Gregory Hines as Ray Hughes, Dan Hedaya as Captain Logan, Darlanne Fluegel as Anna, Joe Pantoliano as Snake, Jimmy Smits as Julio Gonzales, Jimmy Smits as Julie, Tracy Reed as Maryann, Jon Gries as Det. Tony Montoya, and Steven Bauer as Det. Frank Sigliano.

Running Scared (1986 film) Quotes

Steven Bauer as Det. Frank Sigliano

  • (Steven Bauer) "Hey we got ours, where are yours?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "You shot my partner."
  • (Steven Bauer) "Hey. The man looks fine to me."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No thanks to you two."
  • (Jon Gries) "If you weren't so damn so you mighta shot me first."
  • (Billy Crystal) "You call that shooting? Point blank range and I'm still here."
  • (Jon Gries) "Ok well let's not make a big deal out of it, you're upsetting the prisoners."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Why should they be upset, you don't shoot them."

Gregory Hines as Ray Hughes

  • (Gregory Hines) "Do you think Chicago would be safe in their hands?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Oh, no."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Millions of people out there to protect."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Yep, we owe it to this fine city. Hey, you guys wanna buy a bar?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "How come these losers never live on the ground floor?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "Hello? Hola. Julio."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Tell him I said hello."
  • (Gregory Hines) "We've been lookin' all over for you, man. Uh, donde esta? Julio -- Jul --"
  • (Gregory Hines) "He's very excited. Something about his car being stolen."
  • (Billy Crystal) "His car was stolen?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "I guess so."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Jul -- Julio look, you wanna file a report, amigo? Huh?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "You didn't tell him I said hello."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I tried to. He hung up on me."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Listen, Snake, here's the situation: I have this gun here. Now I am going to take the gun out and I am going to shoot a lot of holes in the door. If you are standing if front of the door, what can I tell ya? Some of the holes are gonna be in you. Ya catching my drift, Snake?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "How come the bad guys always have the good cars?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "Look at that sunset."
  • (Billy Crystal) "It's incredible. Just incredible."
  • (Gregory Hines) "I'll tell you -- I never wanna leave."
  • (Billy Crystal) "We can come back."
  • (Gregory Hines) "We will. Next year's vacations."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I mean for good. We can move down here."
  • (Gregory Hines) "No, being a cop down here wouldn't be the same."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I don't mean being a cop. I mean to quit, retire, be a regular person."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Regular people suck."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Maybe, but they hardly ever get shot."
  • (Gregory Hines) "How did you get a name like Snake anyway? Whaddaya, got a long weewee?"
  • (Lab Technician at Airport) "This is real shit. This coke is pure shit."
  • (Gregory Hines) "It's good shit, right?"
  • (Lab Technician at Airport) "I mean bad shit."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Bad shit like, "this shit is bad?""
  • (Lab Technician at Airport) "It's shit shit. This shit isn't worth shit. There's barely enough coke in here to attract the dogs. Anybody caught on the street with this would get killed."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Pointing a gun at a police officer. Can we waste them for that?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "I think so."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Danny is working on his next ex-wife."
  • (Gregory Hines) "We lost the suspect, our keys, our car, OUR PANTS."
  • (Gregory Hines) "I still like being a cop."
  • (Billy Crystal) "This will be the same thing. We break up some fights, we argue with some drunks, we roust some hookers, and occasionally we, if we're lucky, we'll get robbed."
  • (Gregory Hines) "I need a drink."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No, I need lots of drinks."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Hey, I'm a paisan', huh? What did ya expect? What do you want me to do, want me to cook you up a pile of Ragù? You want me to sweat garlic for you? Huh? Sing an opera? Lose a war? Huh?"

Jon Gries as Det. Tony Montoya

Billy Crystal as Danny Costanzo

  • (Billy Crystal) "Oh, sure. Nag at me. Nagging's good. You still owe me ten bucks and I never said anything."
  • (Gregory Hines) "You want it now?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "YEAH, I WANT IT NOW."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I can't believe that you missed all six shots."
  • (Gregory Hines) "What are you talking about? I hit the wind shield six times in a row."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Uh, excuse me sir. All six of mine hit. I don't know where the hell you were aiming. I'm the one that made them swerve."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Oh you made him swerve? You always aim low anyway."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Oh let's do height jokes Ray. That's really good."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I got shot."
  • (Gregory Hines) "It's about time."
  • (Billy Crystal) "One of these days we both have to find women at the same time."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Dink."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Garcia, I said one backup. One backup. You bring the Rose Parade."
  • (Sergeant Garcia) "You never called for a backup before. We figured,"
  • (Sergeant Garcia) "-- we figured it was a riot."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Get in the car. Would you get in the car, Mr. Backup?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Excuse me."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I'm calling for some backup."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Backup?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Everyone else does."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Try not to scrape the third rail, OK? There's about 600 volts in there."
  • (Gregory Hines) "It's not the voltage that gets you. It's the amps."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Uh, hello? Can I talk to Detective Sigliano and Detective Montoya pleeeassse? My name is Pinky, is this the detective? Hi, I usually inform for Hughes and Costanzo but they don' pay me no mo' -- Oh, no. Oh, I'm watching the new "Jeopardy." and a man missed a Bible question because he did not know what Deuteronomy waaaas. Oh yeah, I'll help you. I want you to get Gonzales and show up Hughes and Costanzo, they don't pay me no mo' and I'm maaaddd. Oh, no. Ya dummy, the answer is ipswich clams. The man who can take you to Gonzales, his name is Adam Robertson. He's a high-fallutin' lawyer type who lives at 1358 Lake Shore Drive. Oh, Motha. Motha. Can I have some more petite marshmallows in my hot cocoa -- Gotta go, Final Jeopardy's on."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Why weren't we on that track?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "Oh, now you're going to criticize my driving?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Well, it's just that you get to do all the dangerous stuff, and I get to parallel park."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Hey father, you and your wife owe me 28.50."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Hablo, Smith and Wesson? You have the right to remain DEAD. Anything you do will be used against you. You have the right to a CORONER. If you cannot afford one, we will appoint a medical examiner for you."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Let's bust 'em."
  • (Gregory Hines) "For what?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "In this neighborhood, a Mercedes is probable cause."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Look, Snake. From here, the angle of trajectory; Oh, great. Look who I'm talking to. Mr. S.A.T.'s."
  • (Billy Crystal) "What's going on? What happened?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "I don't know. Maybe a ship sank."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Somebody drown?"
  • (Jimmy Smits) "We're watching the sunset."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Yeah, right."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Really, what happened?"
  • (Jimmy Smits) "The sun is setting, can't you see it?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "Don't give us that, the sun sets every night."
  • (Jimmy Smits) "Yeah, and we come out every night to watch it. Isn't it beautiful?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Maybe we should check this out."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Yeah, well, it better be good."
  • (Billy Crystal) "If you hurt that lady, you'll never be dead enough."
  • (Billy Crystal) "This block is being designated a Neighborhood Watch Area. There's a guy up here named Snake. He's wearing garage-sale clothes and the top of his head looks like a parakeet. He also has FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in small bills in a briefcase. As his neighbors, it is your responsibility to make sure there are no suspicious characters or evil perpetrators lurking in the area who would seek to do him harm. Again, FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in small bills, tax free, in a briefcase right in this apartment. Which has a really cheeseball lock. You can bust your way in there, bop him on the head, take the money, nobody would know. So it's UP TO YOU. Thanks a lot, have a good day."
  • (Billy Crystal) "It works. It's really bullet-proof."
  • (Sister Rebecca) "Thank you, Lord."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Thank you Ace."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Nothing."
  • (Billy Crystal) "The windows won't roll down."
  • (Gregory Hines) "You asshole Ace."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Do they play the same music at home that they play in the office?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Excuse me, we're from Noisebusters. Do you know where the Menudo concert is?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "If it's bad, you go to Florida without me."
  • (Gregory Hines) "You're all right."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Just promise me you'll go without me."
  • (Gregory Hines) "OK OK. I promise, I'll go without you."
  • (Billy Crystal) "You'd go without me?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "You just ASKED me to --"
  • (Billy Crystal) "WITHOUT ME? You son of a bitch. Where's my gun? I'll kill you first."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Feeling better?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Must be the vest."
  • (Billy Crystal) "They're gonna have a lot of clown paintings on their walls."
  • (Gregory Hines) "That's cold."

Joe Pantoliano as Snake

  • (Joe Pantoliano) "Julio don't work for nobody. His boss had an accident, he fell on a knife four times."

Dan Hedaya as Captain Logan

  • (Dan Hedaya) "You are the detectives. Go and detect."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "You two may be quitting too late instead of too early. I have seen it before: short timers' disease. You're already looking forward to the good times. You're getting careful, aren't you?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "We are not."
  • (Billy Crystal) "What's wrong with being careful?"
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Careful gets you killed in this line of work. You think about getting shot and you get shot."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "I hear you two watched 'em mop up the pancake today."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Hi, Captain."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "You two weren't, uh, interrogating a suspect up on the roof, were you?"
  • (Gregory Hines) "We got an alibi, Captain. Snake, tell him where we were or we'll kill you, too."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "You had to be rescued like a couple of rookies. Maybe you need a rest."
  • (Gregory Hines) "We don't need a rest."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Well, I need a rest from you. I'm approving your request for vacation."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No. We got too much goin' on."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "You know, it's a very bad sign when a cop thinks that Chicago will fall apart without him. You're on vacation, effective now."
  • (Gregory Hines) "We're not goin'."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Let me tell you something. If I find you in the city, I'm gonna have you arrested. If you step one foot in this station house, I'm gonna have you shot."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Your pal Gonzales is back on the street."
  • (Billy Crystal) "What?"
  • (Dan Hedaya) "He made bail. And if he gets the right lawyer, he probably is gonna go free. Right now, he's a private citizen, just like you two wanna be."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Private citizen? The man shot Snake in front of four police officers."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "You witnessed him pull the trigger?"
  • (Dan Hedaya) "Hey. That jumper yesterday? Just got a flash from the coroner on the cause of death."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Oooh, let me guess. Deceleration trauma."
  • (Gregory Hines) "Cement poisoning."
  • (Dan Hedaya) "He drowned."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Oh, poor guy couldn't swim or fly, huh?"

Darlanne Fluegel as Anna

  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "You can't be a kid your whole life, you're gonna have to grow up."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Why? I don't like grown ups."
  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "Are you really going to Florida?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "What do you care? What are you, jealous?"
  • (Darlanne Fluegel) "I'm not jealous. It just sounds boring. And you're not boring."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Hey, you are marrying boring. And you're not boring eiither."

Tracy Reed as Maryann

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