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Titanic (1943 film) Quotes

Titanic (1943 film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Titanic completed its run in 1970.

It features Willy Reiber as producer.

Titanic (1943 film) is recorded in German and originally aired in Germany. Each episode of Titanic (1943 film) is 85 minutes long. Titanic (1943 film) is distributed by Deutsche Filmvertriebs.

The cast includes: Karl Schönböck as John Jacob Astor, Kirsten Heiberg as Gloria, Sybille Schmitz as Sigrid Olinsky, Fritz Böttger as Lord Douglas, and Claude Farell as Manniküre Hedi.

Titanic (1943 film) Quotes

Karl Schönböck as John Jacob Astor

  • (Karl Schönböck) "You see, the 'Titanic' is not just a bunch of shares. She is a tangible asset. Tangible assets create power, and power is a means to whatever you want."
  • (Karl Schönböck) "To each his own, Madeleine. For me, more power, for you, more jewelry."
  • (Lady Astor) "Jewelry is also an asset."
  • (Karl Schönböck) "But not always stable. Even gems are subject to fluctuation. And they can only be accurately judged when they are taken out of their setting. Just like women."
  • (Karl Schönböck) "Those to whom you owe millions can't let you go under."
  • (Fritz Böttger) "All the more reason for you to lend me the money."
  • (Karl Schönböck) "I don't lend money. I'd rather give it away. But since I'm no great apostle of charity, I don't give it away either."
  • (Karl Schönböck) "He who doesn't plan for everything sees his plans go awry."

Sybille Schmitz as Sigrid Olinsky

  • (Sybille Schmitz) "You take me for a spoiled, superficial woman who indulges her every whim, don't you?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Now, it would seem discourteous if I didn't insist on the contrary."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "Then I wouldn't want to disappoint you again, so you must be right. And my whim is to prove to you that I will do anything I want."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "That won't be difficult since, as the First Officer, it is my duty to fulfill the wishes of the passengers as much as possible."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "But there must be things you're expressly forbidden to do."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Of course. For example, I'm forbidden to visit passengers in their staterooms or take them to the engine room- --"
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "That's perfect. I would like to see the engine room."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Sigrid."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "Yes?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "You're an amazing woman, my darling."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "I'd only done it for you."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Sigrid, you must get into this lifeboat and leave the ship."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "No. I'll go when you go."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "As an officer, I must stay to the end. And it is in my capacity as an officer that I order you to get in the lifeboat. Those people need you to give them hope until rescue comes. I beg you -- Go."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "So you're ordering me?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Yes. And it is the most difficult order I ever had to give."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "All right, then. I'll go."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Lower away."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "Sir Bruce? I have a big favor to ask of you, one which you cannot refuse."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Then of course I won't."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "I'd like to see the engine room."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "That's a wonderful idea, we will all come along."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Would you be interested?"
  • (Karl Schönböck) "Of course, I'll just let my wife know."
  • (Sybille Schmitz) "But we'll need an expert guide. Can't Offier Petersen come along? He's not on duty at the moment."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Of course he can."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Would you please show us the engine room?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Mr. President, I'm not authorized to do this."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Then I give you full authorization."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Mr. President, I am the First Officer, you cannot give me any authorization."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "I see."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Mr. Brown? Please call the captain for me."

Claude Farell as Manniküre Hedi

  • (Claude Farell) "Excuse me, I would like to send a telegram."
  • (1. Funker Philipps) "Address please"
  • (Claude Farell) "Herr Ludwig Kramm --"
  • (1. Funker Philipps) "We can spare the "Herr""
  • (Claude Farell) "Hamburg, Grosse Bleichen 15."
  • (1. Funker Philipps) "Hamburg, Grosse Bleichen 15. Text please?"
  • (Claude Farell) "No."
  • (1. Funker Philipps) "You don't want to send a telegram?"
  • (Claude Farell) "Oh yes, sure. The text is "No" and sign it as "Hedi""
  • (1. Funker Philipps) "So: "Ludwig Kramm, Hamburg, Große Bleichen 15, No, Hedi". Is that all?"
  • (Claude Farell) "Yes sir, that's all."

Kirsten Heiberg as Gloria

  • (Kirsten Heiberg) "Is anybody there?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "Yes, Petersen. Please put on your life jackets and go on deck immediately."
  • (Kirsten Heiberg) "Oh deck? Why?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "I'm not authorized to give passangers audditional information."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "One moment. But you will give ME information."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "To you, as the president responsible for this, I WILL give information: The Titanic is sinking."
  • (Kirsten Heiberg) "The Titanic is sinking?"
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "What are you saying?"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "The Titanic is sinking."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "We collidition with an iceberg. The Titanic is ripped open from the bow till under the bridge."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Don't tell nonsense."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "You'll soon see, thatever it's nonsense. In jsut a few hours it's all over and a few thousand will be on the bottom because of you"
  • (Kirsten Heiberg) "But we have lifeboats."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "The lifeboats will hold almost a third of the passengers."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "I order you to secure a lifeboat for me immediately."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "First: You can't give me orders, Second: according to the law: women and children go first and third I'll give you the advice to go in you cabin and get your life jacket"
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Stay here."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "What else do you want?"
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "Please lets talk as man to man. Forget about the earlier momant this evening. I was nervous it was a momental excitement. I beg you: get me a lifeboat."
  • (1st Officer Petersen) "YOU should have been got the lifeboats."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "No. Be reasonable. I'll give you five; I'll give you $10 000,-. Save me a place."
  • (Sir Bruce Ismay) "We'll see if I'll come along."

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