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See No Evil, Hear No Evil Quotes

See No Evil, Hear No Evil is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . See No Evil, Hear No Evil stopped airing in 1970.

It features Marvin Worth as producer, Stewart Copeland in charge of musical score, and Victor J. Kemper as head of cinematography.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of See No Evil, Hear No Evil is 103 minutes long. See No Evil, Hear No Evil is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Gene Wilder as Dave, Richard Pryor as Wally, Joan Severance as Eve, Kirsten Childs as Adele, Anthony Zerbe as Sutherland, Louis Giambalvo as Gatlin, and Kevin Spacey as Kirgo.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil Quotes

Gene Wilder as Dave

  • (Dr. Cornfeld) "WHO are you sir?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Fine, thank you."
  • (Capt. Braddock) "Okay no more bullshit"
  • (Capt. Braddock) "was there or wasn't there a woman?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Are you serious?"
  • (Capt. Braddock) "Yes I'm goddamn serious."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?"
  • (Capt. Braddock) "What the hell is he taking about?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "He reads lips. You're talking too fast."
  • (Capt. Braddock) "Was there -- a wom-an -- pres-ent?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Yes. There was -- a wom-an -- pres-ent."
  • (Capt. Braddock) "Why is he talking like that?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "Because he's deaf -- not stup-id."
  • (Gene Wilder) "You swear an awful lot."
  • (Richard Pryor) "You're fucking-A right."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Well excusez-moi, monsieur hot shit."
  • (Gene Wilder) "We're in a warehouse, and you just hit a cow. I think we better back up."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Stop right their or I'll throw this knife through your head. I mean it. I throw your brains out."
  • (Cop with Bullhorn) "Freeze."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Thats more like it. Now put your hand up."
  • (Cop with Bullhorn) "Put your hands in the air."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Oh, so you do speak English."
  • (Reporter) "Do you really think you can stop Khomeini?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Not if it's funny."
  • (Gene Wilder) "I'm not handicapped, I have you."
  • (Mitzie) "Dr. Kesselring, we thought you might not make it. It says you had some trouble with your visa?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Yes, and zen suddenly dey accepted American Express. Go figure."
  • (Richard Pryor) "We don't go home without it."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Wally. He could put a hole through your head, Wally."
  • (Richard Pryor) "Fuck him and his holes."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Don't we get a last request?"
  • (Joan Severance) "What would you like?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Would you scratch my nose for me?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "You're a very sick woman."
  • (Joan Severance) "Thank you. Mr Karew, what would you you like?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "I suppose a fuck is out of the question."
  • (Joan Severance) "I'm afraid so."
  • (Gene Wilder) "How many fingers am I holding up in front of your eyes right now?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "Three."
  • (Gene Wilder) "That's good. That's pretty good, considering that he's blind."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Did she say ship, or shit?"

Richard Pryor as Wally

  • (Richard Pryor) "Shazaam. Can you hear me?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Wally. I heard you. I heard your voice."
  • (Richard Pryor) "Hooray. You can hear me."
  • (Gene Wilder) "What?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "You can hear me."
  • (Gene Wilder) "No, schmuck, I'm deaf. I'm deaf. Now do you get it?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "You look fine to me."
  • (Richard Pryor) "So, you're the fat fuck that runs this show."
  • (Anthony Zerbe) "Beautifully put, Mr. Karew. You're obviously a poet, a man after my own heart."
  • (Richard Pryor) "I hear prison isn't so bad if you like it up the butt."
  • (Unnamed) "Which exercise would you find most beneficial to geriatric sexuality?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "Oh, boy. Well, some of my patients prefer walking, some prefer bicycling. But for best results, to guarantee satisfaction, most of them like fucking. You know, poonta-poonta-poonta. I like it myself, you know. One in the morning, and late at night."
  • (Richard Pryor) "These streets are bumpy."
  • (Gene Wilder) "You're driving on the sidewalk."
  • (Richard Pryor) "Where are we?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Probably on our way to New Jersey by now."
  • (Richard Pryor) "No kidding. I got family in there. Do you wanna come with me?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Of course. You've earned my trust, Wally. You've been a very good friend to me these past couple days. You're always there for me. You never get me into trouble. Sometimes it seems a bit boring but that's a small price to pay for such a wonderful friendship."
  • (Richard Pryor) "That's beautiful, Dave. Do you mean everything you just said?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "I'll tell you how I really feel in about a minute or two. Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by the STINK of the seven tons of garbage that you drove us into."
  • (Richard Pryor) "Is THAT what it is? I thought you let one go. That's why I didn't say anything."
  • (Gene Wilder) "That's very kind of you. Thank you."

Louis Giambalvo as Gatlin

Kirsten Childs as Adele

  • (Kirsten Childs) "I think David got a little messed up."
  • (Gene Wilder) "What did she say?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "She said she thinks you're an asshole."
  • (Kirsten Childs) "Why do you feel you have to pass for someone with 20/20 vision when you're blind as a bat?"
  • (Richard Pryor) "I don't feel. I have to pass."
  • (Kirsten Childs) "Yes, you do. It's a sickness in your brain, just like if you were trying to pass for white."
  • (Richard Pryor) "You mean I'm not white?"

Kevin Spacey as Kirgo

  • (Cabbie) "Let me see a badge."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "This is my badge."

Joan Severance as Eve

  • (Joan Severance) "But you see, you're the ones they're looking for. Not me. If I get on that helicopter with the coin, I get out of here squeaky clean."
  • (Gene Wilder) "You're too tall for me anyway."

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