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Surviving the Game Quotes

Surviving the Game is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Surviving the Game completed its run in 1970.

It features Fred C. Caruso as producer, Stewart Copeland in charge of musical score, and Bojan Bazelli as head of cinematography.

Surviving the Game is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Surviving the Game is 96 minutes long. Surviving the Game is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Ice-T as Jack Mason, Rutger Hauer as Burns, Gary Busey as Doc Hawkins, F. Murray Abraham as Wolfe Sr., Charles S. Dutton as Cole, William McNamara as Derek Wolfe Jr, John C. McGinley as John Griffin, and Jeff Corey as Hank.

Surviving the Game Quotes

Gary Busey as Doc Hawkins

  • (Gary Busey) "We're going bare hands --. Tell your wife and kid I said hello, Dog-turd."
  • (Gary Busey) "-- I like my meat RARE."
  • (Ice-T) "-- Try well-done, Bitch."
  • (Gary Busey) "I know more about you than even you think, Mason."
  • (Ice-T) "Probably so, but I don't know jack about you."
  • (Gary Busey) "Then ask me something. Ask me anything you want."
  • (Ice-T) "All right -- How did you get that fucked-up scar up your eye?"
  • (Gary Busey) "I refer to this as my birthmark. On my eighth birthday, my father brought me a fat little bulldog. I named him Prince Henry Stout. He was strong. He chased my pet turkey, he chased squirrels up the tree, he chased everything. I raised him, I trained him, I groomed him, I fed him, I took care of him. I loved that dog; more anything in the world, I loved that dog. Then my father gave me a handful of cherry bombs and M-80s. He said: "You're gonna train this dog to be a protector". So, every Saturday afternoon, I got behind a little dummy that my dad built. I tossed cherry bombs and M-80s at the dog; BOOM, BOOM. The dog was scared at first, but after awhile he got angry and charged the dummy."
  • (Gary Busey) "He ripped it apart. The head was off, the shirt was gone -- So, thirteen years old, birthday time. My father got me a twelve-gauge shotgun. "We're going hunting." I was so excited. We went out to this clearing in the woods where my dad laid his gun down, then took my gun and laid it down. He said: "Son, today you're gonna learn to control your emotions. You're gonna do things that some men are unwilling and unable to do. Follow me". My dad and I passed through this grove of trees, to where he'd built a corral. There was Prince Henry Stout chained in the middle of the corral. My dad took out a pocketful of cherry bombs and put them in my hand. He said: "Get in the corral. Here's a Bic; I want you to light those cherry bombs and throw them at the Prince. You're gonna face manhood. You're gonna fight that dog to the death. Either he's gonna kill you, or you're gonna kill him -- NOW.""
  • (Gary Busey) "He was on me, like flies on shit. I had one chance; I got my arm up in between his teeth and my neck. Then we were down in the mud, rolling over and over. That dog was baying and snarling and biting, while I was crying and screaming. I grabbed him and stood up, then fell on him with all my weight. I heard his neck break. He was dead, not biting, not even breathing. I was covered with blood. I stood up, wiped the blood off, and licked it. Then my dad said: "Welcome to manhood." That's why this is a birth mark."
  • (Ice-T) "-- Do your patients know this story?"
  • (Gary Busey) "No. But you do."

Ice-T as Jack Mason

  • (Taxi Driver) "What about my taxi?"
  • (Ice-T) "Yo', man, fuck yo' taxi."
  • (Ice-T) "BANG. Game over."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "This is my lucky day. Hey, Mason --."
  • (Ice-T) "Burns, there's one thing you should do first, when you find a gun."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "-- Say cheese."
  • (Ice-T) "ALWAYS check the barrel."
  • (Ice-T) "For twenty dollars I'll run to fucking Alaska."
  • (Ice-T) "What is it about hunting animals that gets you off?"
  • (Ice-T) "You're a doctor? You don't look like one to me."
  • (Gary Busey) "I'm a psychiatrist."
  • (Ice-T) "A shrink?"
  • (Gary Busey) "What, does it surprise you?"
  • (Ice-T) "No offense, but somehow you don't seem like the type that fucked-up rich people shell out money for, just so he'll sit around and listen to their personal shit."
  • (Gary Busey) "I work for the Company -- You know, the CIA. I know these gentlemen's "personal shit" completely."

F. Murray Abraham as Wolfe Sr.

  • (F. Murray Abraham) "What do you think?"
  • (Ice-T) "It's alright. I like this. This is good."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Four-fifty a bottle."
  • (Ice-T) "Four dollars fifty cents, I should be drinkin' this shit a long time ago."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Four hundred and fifty dollars."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Don't waste it."
  • (Ice-T) "I could live off that for three months."
  • (Charles S. Dutton) "Well, you don't want to drink too much, anyway, 'cause you don't wanna be slow tomorrow."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "No, indeed."
  • (Gary Busey) "You are missing the best part, Mr. Mason. When you're eating the flesh of the pig -- look into his little beady eyes. That way you will be devouring his soul."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Doc, sometimes you even scare me."
  • (Gary Busey) "Good."

Rutger Hauer as Burns

  • (Rutger Hauer) "Alright. Let's get the turkey."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Life's true pleasures are so unpredictable. I'd say cherish the moment for it is. Observe your food, smell it, touch it, put your mind into it, and you're finally ready, consume it slowly."
  • (Ice-T) "Hmm, you do your way, I'll do mine."

Charles S. Dutton as Cole

  • (Charles S. Dutton) "Man, I've been through rough times."
  • (Ice-T) "Like what? Your Jacuzzi broke?"
  • (Charles S. Dutton) "The only thing I miss up here is a sport page. I'm so used getting up, having my morning coffee and opening up the sport page."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "I don't read newspapers anymore. They're like a mirror of the world's ugliness. I like beautiful things."
  • (Gary Busey) "I'm ready to go. Let's go"
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Relax, Doc, digest your food."
  • (Gary Busey) "Wasting time."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "We gotta give him some more time."
  • (Gary Busey) "No."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Think of this as foreplay."
  • (Gary Busey) "Nevermind foreplay, I'm talking about --"
  • (Rutger Hauer) "Doc, Prince Henry Stout. Remember the rules."
  • (Gary Busey) "I feel something special about this."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "It's gonna be so much more special when you finally kill him. Derek, eat some of those eggs, they'll make you feel better."
  • (Gary Busey) "Eat, eat."
  • (William McNamara) "I'm not hungry."
  • (John C. McGinley) "Big one?"
  • (William McNamara) "I said I'm not hungry."
  • (John C. McGinley) "Well, terrific. I'll tell you what let's switch around here."
  • (Rutger Hauer) "I hope this is not gonna be a problem?"
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "It won't be."
  • (William McNamara) "No."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "You'll be okay."
  • (William McNamara) "No, I can't do this."
  • (F. Murray Abraham) "Yes, you can. I got a thousand dollars is my son will draw first blood. One, two, three. You've just made yourself three thousand dollars, Derek."
  • (Charles S. Dutton) "You know why we're gonna find you, Mason? Cause I can smell your stinkin' ass from here."

Jeff Corey as Hank

  • (Security Guard) "Well well, I finally caught your ass."
  • (Jeff Corey) "We're just hungry, partner. Give us a break, will ya?"
  • (Ice-T) "Yo man, we don't want no trouble, we'll give it back."
  • (Security Guard) "To hell with giving it back. It's already been contaminated with your filth. Somebody's going to PAY."

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