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Saved by the Bell: The New Class Quotes

Saved by the Bell: is a Teen sitcom that first aired in 1993 on NBC. Saved by the Bell: The New Class completed its run in 2000.

Saved by the Bell: aired for 7 seasons and 143 episodes. Saved by the Bell: is executive produced by Peter Engel (TV producer). Saved by the Bell: is created by Sam Bobrick.

Saved by the Bell: is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Saved by the Bell: is 22-24 minutes long. Saved by the Bell: is produced by Peter Engel Productions and distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Natalia Cigliuti as Lindsay Warner, Robert Sutherland Telfer as Scott Erickson, Bianca Lawson as Megan Jones, Sarah Lancaster as Rachel Meyers, Brutha as Eric Little, Dustin Diamond as Samuel 'Screech' Powers, Ben Gould as Nicky Farina, Samantha Becker as Maria Lopez, Dennis Haskins as Principal Richard Belding, Richard Lee Jackson as Ryan Parker, Salim Grant as R. J. 'Hollywood' Collins, and Bonnie Russavage as Vicki Needleman.

Saved by the Bell: Quotes

Dennis Haskins as Principal Richard Belding

  • (Dennis Haskins) "All right, who knows the answer?"
  • (Tommy 'D' De Luca) "Who knows the question?"
  • (Dennis Haskins) "I'm the director."
  • (Dustin Diamond) "You couldn't direct traffic."

Sarah Lancaster as Rachel Meyers

  • (Sarah Lancaster) "I would rather wear my underwear on my head."

Brutha as Eric Little

Dustin Diamond as Samuel 'Screech' Powers

  • (Dustin Diamond) "The powers that be haven't met the Powers that's Screech."
  • (Dustin Diamond) "Papa Bear to Goldilocks.come in, Goldilocks."
  • (Dustin Diamond) "I grew up in a family of fourty they just call me boy."

Samantha Becker as Maria Lopez

  • (Samantha Becker) "C'mon, Screech. Have a heart. Remember when YOU were 16? Driving is more important than even -- breathing."
  • (Dustin Diamond) "Don't stop breathing. I once stopped breathing and a bunch of strangers started hugging me with a Heimlich."

Robert Sutherland Telfer as Scott Erickson

  • (Robert Sutherland Telfer) "Hey, Coach."
  • (Dennis Haskins) "If you're talking to me, young man, I happen to be your principal, not your coach."
  • (Robert Sutherland Telfer) "You're kidding. Principals are usually fat old guys, not athletic studs like YOU."
  • (Tommy 'D' De Luca) "Welcome to Bayside, kid."
  • (Robert Sutherland Telfer) "Well, you got me THIS time, D. Watch out, it's a looong way to graduation."
  • (Tommy 'D' De Luca) "Ooooo, I'm trembling in my boots."

Richard Lee Jackson as Ryan Parker

  • (Richard Lee Jackson) "That's it, I'm getting my own car."
  • (Salim Grant) "Great. Toys 'R' Us is right down the street."

Natalia Cigliuti as Lindsay Warner

  • (Natalia Cigliuti) "Isn't Tommy cute when he totally missed the point?"

Bianca Lawson as Megan Jones

  • (Bianca Lawson) "Vicki, you're my best friend. But do you have to start the day off by depressing everyone?"
  • (Bonnie Russavage) "She asked me how I was doing. With me, it's like calling 9-1-1."

Ben Gould as Nicky Farina

  • (Ben Gould) "I'm from New York. We even lock up our garbage."

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