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Maniac (1934 film) Quotes

Maniac (1934 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Maniac ended its run in 1970.

It features Dwain Esper as producer, and William C. Thompson (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Maniac (1934 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Maniac (1934 film) is 51 minutes long. Maniac (1934 film) is distributed by Roadshow Attractions.

The cast includes: Horace B. Carpenter as Dr. Meirschultz, Ted Edwards as Buckley, Jenny Dark as Mazie, Bill Woods as Maxwell, Marvel Andre as Marvel, Celia McCann as Jo, Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Buckley, Thea Ramsey as Alice, Thea Ramsey as Masie, and John P. Wade as Embalmer.

Maniac (1934 film) Quotes

Ted Edwards as Buckley

  • (Ted Edwards) "Oh. Stealing through my body. Creeping though my veins. Pouring in my blood. Oh, DARTS OF FIRE IN MY BRAIN. STABBING ME. I CAN'T STAND IT. I WON'T."

Thea Ramsey as Alice

  • (Thea Ramsey) "Here's one for the books. "Sandwich man walks onto a wallet with forty-two grand in it.""
  • (Celia McCann) "I'd like to find that man."
  • (Thea Ramsey) "Can you imagine? The darn fool turned it in."
  • (Marvel Andre) "His head must be a jellybean instead of what they thought it was."
  • (Thea Ramsey) "If it wasn't for nervy little Alice, you'd all be sinking your weary bones into the soft recesses of some park bench, with light sleepy coverlets made by the great American press."
  • (Celia McCann) "Press. That reminds me. I have pressing business."

Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Buckley

  • (Phyllis Diller) "I think we speak the same language. I am right?"
  • (Bill Woods) "I don't get what you mean. Same language?"
  • (Phyllis Diller) "Doctor. He seems to be getting worse instead of better."

Bill Woods as Maxwell

  • (Bill Woods) "I think too much of Satan to use cats as experiments."
  • (Bill Woods) "Not only do I look like Meirschultz, I am Meirschultz."
  • (Bill Woods) "It was in Miersholtz' eyes when he wanted to murder me. It was in Mrs. Buckley's eyes when she wanted to murder her husband. Alice had the gleam in her eye when she wanted to find me. She'd murder me. I must get rid of her. How? Mrs. Buckley. She will help. She must help."

Horace B. Carpenter as Dr. Meirschultz

  • (Horace B. Carpenter) "Once a ham, always a ham."
  • (Horace B. Carpenter) "Tonight, my dear Maxwell, I'm ready to try my experiment on a human."

John P. Wade as Embalmer

  • (John P. Wade) "By gosh, them stiffs is gettin' heavier and more of them every day."
  • (Other Embalmer) "Between the gangsters and auto drivers we won't need another war to carry out the population."
  • (John P. Wade) "You didn't even mention suicide."
  • (John P. Wade) "Say, did you see the ?beaut? that come in today."
  • (Other Embalmer) "Did I."
  • (John P. Wade) "She's the one that's got the coroner doin' the night work."

Celia McCann as Jo

  • (Celia McCann) "Why don't you ditch that ham and get yourself a rich husband."
  • (Thea Ramsey) "Rich husband? Hah. I've heared they come that way. Not very often."
  • (Marvel Andre) "Often enough, but not our way."
  • (Thea Ramsey) "Oh, the girl has brains."

Jenny Dark as Mazie

  • (Blonde) "Hay, Mazie. We know you're hard boiled. You don't have to stay in the water thirty minutes to prove it."
  • (Jenny Dark) "Oh, lemme alone. I may not be decent, but I'm sure gonna be clean."

Marvel Andre as Marvel

  • (Marvel Andre) "It's pretty though. Imagine the poor guy. I'll betcha nobody knows him all his life, and then -- Say, wasn't there some guy in history who spent all his life looking for an honest man?"
  • (Celia McCann) "Sure. In his day, men were men, but now they're too scared to be anything but honest."

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