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Highlander: Endgame Quotes

Highlander: Endgame is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Highlander: Endgame ended in 1970.

It features Plainlist, Bob Weinstein, Peter S. Davis, and Harvey Weinstein; William N. Panzer; Cary Granat as producer, Nick Glennie-Smith, and Stephen Graziano in charge of musical score, and Douglas Milsome as head of cinematography.

Highlander: Endgame is recorded in Plainlist Each episode of Highlander: Endgame is 87 minutes long. Highlander: Endgame is distributed by Miramax Films.

The cast includes: Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson, Peter Wingfield as Methos, Donnie Yen as Jin Ke, Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, Bruce Payne as Jacob Kell, Ian Paul Cassidy as Cracker Bob, and Lisa Barbuscia as Kate MacLeod.

Highlander: Endgame Quotes

Ian Paul Cassidy as Cracker Bob

  • (Ian Paul Cassidy) "Faith, I told you I look like a fucking orange."
  • (Ian Paul Cassidy) "Somebody order a club sandwich?"
  • (Adrian Paul) "Oh he's funny, nice outfit too."
  • (Ian Paul Cassidy) "Faith I told you I look like a fucking orange."

Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod

  • (Christopher Lambert) "In the days before memory, there were the Immortals. We were with you then, and we are with you now. We are driven by the endless fight to survive in a Game which knows no limits of time or place. We are the seeds of legend, but our true origin are unknown. We simply are."
  • (Christopher Lambert) "Jacob Kell -- time for redemption. The game isn't over yet."
  • (Christopher Lambert) "What's the matter? "Don't you want to be inside me?""
  • (Christopher Lambert) "In the end --"
  • (Adrian Paul) "There can be -- only one."
  • (Adrian Paul) "And you're not it."
  • (Christopher Lambert) "Every life I touch ends brutally and for no reason. It's a curse that's followed me for centuries. I can't outrun it and I can't out live it."

Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod

  • (Adrian Paul) "With time, anything can be forgiven, you taught me that."
  • (Adrian Paul) "Some people say you're a man of honor."
  • (Donnie Yen) "What do you know of honor?"
  • (Adrian Paul) "Oh great --"
  • (Donnie Yen) "Honor is not in the weapon -- it is in the man --"
  • (Adrian Paul) "What're you doing here?"
  • (Jim Byrnes) "Keeping tabs on you."
  • (Adrian Paul) "Yeah? Well somebody should've kept tabs on that psychotic asshole back there."
  • (Peter Wingfield) "Didn't you get it back in London? These guys don't play by the rules."

Lisa Barbuscia as Kate MacLeod

  • (Lisa Barbuscia) "Stealing's wrong. Lying's wrong. Killing's wrong. What you did goes well beyond wrong."
  • (Adrian Paul) "Fine I deserve that but I want a chance to make it right."
  • (Lisa Barbuscia) "You want to make it right? Then give me back the ability to have children, to grow old with the man I love. How about anything that resembles a normal life? And you took it all away from me."
  • (Lisa Barbuscia) "Until the day we are reborn."

Bruce Payne as Jacob Kell

  • (Bruce Payne) "What does it feel to kill a brother? Feels good, DOESN'T IT?"
  • (Adrian Paul) "You will never know when, now you'll never have Connor Macleod's head."
  • (Bruce Payne) "Are you going to run? ARE YOU GOING TO HIDE?"
  • (Bruce Payne) "What you need to understand is that I don't care about the game. I don't care about the rules. I don't even care about these pathetic souls you keep locked away as a barrier to the prize."
  • (Bruce Payne) "Look back at the endless travesties of your life, and you'll see me, always there waiting in the shadows. When friends and lovers are wiped from your sight, I'm there. When those you cherish die abruptly and for no reason, I'm there for you."
  • (Bruce Payne) "Look on the bright side, at least you went down swinging."

Peter Wingfield as Methos

  • (Peter Wingfield) "I liberated that from their lost and found."
  • (Adrian Paul) "There's blood on it."
  • (Peter Wingfield) "I didn't say it was easy."
  • (Peter Wingfield) "You know a little about Buddhist monks. Some of them come to cherish life so much that to step on an insect or harm a blade of grass becomes a violation of their creed, so the place themsleves under an extreme form of protective custody, a sanctuary of sorts. Well, for an Immortal who comes to abhor the bloodshed, there's a similar solution; a way to be removed from the game forever. Though the price is unimaginably high, but you are, for all practical purposes, protected from the violence within you."

Donnie Yen as Jin Ke

  • (Donnie Yen) "Men, for the most part can mend their ways only after they have made a mistake."

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