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On Moonlight Bay (film) Quotes

On Moonlight Bay (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . On Moonlight Bay ended its run in 1970.

It features William Jacobs (producer) as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Ernest Haller as head of cinematography.

On Moonlight Bay (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of On Moonlight Bay (film) is 95 minutes long. On Moonlight Bay (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Leon Ames as Mr. Winfield, Billy Gray as Wesley Winfield, Mary Wickes as Stella, Ellen Corby as Miss Mary Stevens, and "Smilin'" Jack Smith as Hubert Wakely.

On Moonlight Bay (film) Quotes

"Smilin'" Jack Smith as Hubert Wakely

  • ("Smilin'" Jack Smith) "Love ya, love ya, honey / Love ya, love ya, honey."

Billy Gray as Wesley Winfield

  • (Billy Gray) "Gee, it must be tough being a girl."
  • (Billy Gray) "Here's your hat. Keep your head up and breathe through your nose."
  • (Billy Gray) "Marjorie's old petticoat. You've got me in Marjorie's old petticoat."
  • (Billy Gray) "Seems to me a person wouldn't sing so loud in the morning when they knew another person's got a sick headache."
  • (Marjorie 'Marjie' Winfield) "Seems to me a person always gets a sick headache on school days."

Mary Wickes as Stella

  • (Mary Wickes) "Men have been buzzing around here like flies ever since you gave up baseball. This place is beginning to look like the YMCA on a rainy afternoon."
  • (Mary Wickes) "I'm dead. Mr. Winfield, that kitchen's too big. I'm tellin' ya, it must be 30 feet from the stove to the cupboard. I'm bein' paid to be a cook, not a cross-country runner."
  • (Leon Ames) "Stella, bring me some hot coffee."
  • (Mary Wickes) "Okay, but it'll be cold by the time I hike back."

Leon Ames as Mr. Winfield

  • (Leon Ames) "Hello, what's your name? I guess we're going to be neighbors."
  • (Leon Ames) "Marjorie's young and very inexperienced. All she knows about men is their batting averages."
  • (Mary Wickes) "In case you're interested, this one's batting a thousand."
  • (Leon Ames) "Wesley, you stay out of the living room. Your sister is entertaining a caller."
  • (Billy Gray) "Is he telling her "her eyes are like the blue stars in Heaven"?"
  • (Leon Ames) "Now, where did you pick that up?"
  • (Billy Gray) "Ah, I've been around."
  • (Leon Ames) "Well, just the same, you stay out of the living room."

Ellen Corby as Miss Mary Stevens

  • (Ellen Corby) "Now, do you know the difference between a proper and improper fraction? Wesley, if you don't pay attention, you'll never learn."
  • (Ellen Corby) "Wesley Winfield, you may read your letter."
  • (Billy Gray) "But ma'am --"
  • (Ellen Corby) "You may read your letter."
  • (Billy Gray) "Yes, ma'am."
  • (Ellen Corby) "Have you prepared one?"
  • (Billy Gray) "Yes, ma'am."
  • (Ellen Corby) "But, uh, you're going to find out that you've forgot to bring it, aren't you?"
  • (Billy Gray) "No, ma'am, I got it."
  • (Ellen Corby) "Well, we'll listen to what you've found time to prepare. For once."
  • (Billy Gray) ""Dear friend, you called me beautiful, but I'm really not beautiful, and at times, I doubt if I'm even pretty. Though my hair may be beautiful and if it is true that my eyes are like the blue stars -- in -- Heaven -- ""
  • (Ellen Corby) "Go on."
  • (Billy Gray) "Oh no --"
  • (Ellen Corby) "Proceed."
  • (Billy Gray) ""A-A tremor thrills my being when I recall -- your -- last words to me -- that last -- that last -- ""
  • (Ellen Corby) "Go on."
  • (Billy Gray) ""That-that last -- evening -- in -- the moonlight when you -- you -- ""
  • (Ellen Corby) "Wesley, you will go on. And you will stop that stammering."
  • (Billy Gray) ""You-you kissed my shoulder and-and said that you would like to love me forever and ever -- and ever -- and ever -- ""
  • (Ellen Corby) "Wesley --"
  • (Billy Gray) ""A-And that if you believed in marriage you would -- want me to -- Yours respectfully, Wesley Winfield.""

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