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The Wrong Box Quotes

The Wrong Box is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Wrong Box completed its run in 1970.

It features Bryan Forbes as producer, John Barry (composer) in charge of musical score, and Gerry Turpin as head of cinematography.

The Wrong Box is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Wrong Box is 107 minutes long. The Wrong Box is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: John Mills as Stoker, Ralph Richardson as Joseph Finsbury, Peter Cook as Morris Finsbury, Dudley Moore as John Finsbury, Peter Sellers as Dr. Pratt, Nanette Newman as Julia Finsbury, Tony Hancock as Detective, John Mills as Michael Finsbury, Julia Finsbury, Masterman Finsbury, Joseph Finsbury, Morris, John Finsbury, Thorley Walters as Lawyer Patience, John Mills as Masterman Finsbury, Michael Caine as Michael Finsbury, and Wilfrid Lawson as Peacock.

The Wrong Box Quotes

Tony Hancock as Detective

  • (Tony Hancock) "All right, come on, come on, what's going on? Come on, what is it? Come on."
  • (Unnamed) "Please, sir, I beg of you, there's a dead man here."
  • (Tony Hancock) "All right, no one move."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Finsbury?"
  • (John Mills) "Yes?"
  • (Tony Hancock) "MORRIS Finsbury."
  • (Dudley Moore) "Yes."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Morris Finsbury, I arrest you for stealing £100,000."
  • (Thorley Walters) "But the money has been returned, sir."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Who are you, sir? Some sort of accomplice?"
  • (Thorley Walters) "Certainly not: I am his solicitor."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Oh, you've brought your solicitor with you, have you? Yes, I've met your type before."
  • (Thorley Walters) "No, no, no. I mean, I, I, I'm the administrator of the tontine."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Tontine?"
  • (Ralph Richardson) "Named after Lorenzo Tonti, a Neapolitan banker."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And who are you, sir?."
  • (Ralph Richardson) "I--"
  • (John Mills) "He's nobody. He's my young brother."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And who are you, sir?"
  • (John Mills) "None of your business, sir."
  • (Tony Hancock) "I shall have you arrested for indecent exposure."
  • (Nanette Newman) "Oh."
  • (Michael Caine) "My grandfather was recently buried, sir."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And who are you, sir?"
  • (Nanette Newman) "He is Michael Finsbury."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And who are YOU, madam?."
  • (Michael Caine) "She is Julia Finsbury, shortly to become -- Julia Finsbury."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Young man, did you know there was a body in the piano?"
  • (Wilfrid Lawson) "I did it."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Who is he?"
  • (Michael Caine) "He is the butler, sir."
  • (Tony Hancock) "The butler did it?"
  • (Michael Caine) "No, sir. I put the body there."
  • (Tony Hancock) "Is this true?"
  • (Michael Caine) "Yes sir."
  • (Tony Hancock) "In that case, you are entitled to a reward of £1,000. You are responsible for bringing the Bournemouth Strangler to his just end."
  • (Michael Caine) "A, a thousand pounds? Oh, but I-I-I don't, I don't deserve it. The body just arrived in a barrel."
  • (Dudley Moore) "I sent it."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And who are you, sir?"
  • (Peter Cook) "He is of diminished responsibility, officer. It was all my doing. If there's any justice in this naughty world, the reward is mine."
  • (Tony Hancock) "And WHO are YOU?."
  • (Peter Cook) "You remember me -- Morris Finsbury. I was falsely accused of stealing a hundred thousand pounds, whereas in fact it was me, and me alone, who was responsible for bringing the Bournemouth Strangler to his just desserts."

Peter Cook as Morris Finsbury

  • (Peter Cook) "Now what we need is a venal doctor."
  • (Dudley Moore) "But; Uncle Joseph's dead. It's too late."
  • (Peter Cook) "Not for him, for us. Now, you remember that chambermaid you got into -- um --"
  • (Dudley Moore) "-- thing."
  • (Peter Cook) "Thing. Who was the doctor who did the, um --"
  • (Dudley Moore) "-- thing. Uh, Pratt, Dr. Pratt."
  • (Peter Cook) "Was he venal?"
  • (Dudley Moore) "I; I didn't like to ask."
  • (Peter Cook) "Well, did he do the --"
  • (Dudley Moore) "-- thing. Yes."
  • (Peter Cook) "Good."
  • (Dudley Moore) "But -- what's he got to do with it?"
  • (Peter Cook) "He's part of the plan. Now you and I are the only two people in the world who know that Uncle Joseph is, uh --"
  • (Dudley Moore) "-- thing."
  • (Peter Cook) "-- dead."
  • (Peter Cook) "I collect eggs, Doctor."
  • (Peter Sellers) "Eggs, yes. Oh, I enjoy an egg myself, yes. They don't make good pets, though; you can never get them in at night."

Peter Sellers as Dr. Pratt

  • (Peter Sellers) "I'm all right; it's just a fur ball; it's nothing. Strangely, I haven't had fur for a fortnight."
  • (Peter Sellers) "Well, it'll cost you five shillings."
  • (Peter Cook) "Price is no object."
  • (Peter Sellers) "Right. Ten shillings, then. Payable in advance."

John Mills as Masterman Finsbury

  • (Unnamed) "Fred?"
  • (John Mills) "Yeah?"
  • (Unnamed) "We haven't heard the last of this."

Nanette Newman as Julia Finsbury

  • (Nanette Newman) "Oh, I only knew mine vaguely. My father was a missionary. He was eaten by his Bible class."

Ralph Richardson as Joseph Finsbury

  • (Ralph Richardson) "I was in the water closet of the Bournemouth express when it quite unaccountably exploded, thereby extensively damaging the rest of the train. I can't really think that I was to blame, although at the time I was smoking."

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