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Desperately Seeking Susan Quotes

Desperately Seeking Susan is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Desperately Seeking Susan ended in 1970.

It features Sarah Pillsbury as producer, Thomas Newman in charge of musical score, and Edward Lachman as head of cinematography.

Desperately Seeking Susan is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Desperately Seeking Susan is 104 minutes long. Desperately Seeking Susan is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Ann Magnuson as Cigarette Girl, Madonna as Susan, Laurie Metcalf as Leslie, Mark Blum as Gary, Rosanna Arquette as Roberta, Aidan Quinn as Dez, Robert Joy as Jim, and Anna Thomson as Crystal.

Desperately Seeking Susan Quotes

Madonna as Susan

  • (Madonna) "Glass house."
  • (Madonna) "Good goin' stranger."
  • (Madonna) "Roberta kept a diary. Great stuff."
  • (Madonna) ""Couldn't sleep. Went into kitchen. Gary came in, turned on light. Gary left. Finished birthday cake." Pages of it. It's got to be a cover, nobody's life could be this boring."
  • (Mark Blum) "You shouldn't be reading that, it's personal."
  • (Madonna) "Yeah, well it's not about her, it's about me."
  • (Madonna) ""He's looking for Susan again. This is the fifth ad he's run. Why does he want to see her so badly? Who is she?" And here's my picture."

Anna Thomson as Crystal

  • (Anna Thomson) "I'm ready to quit this dump, I really am. Ray won't let me wear my glasses on stage, then Ian gets pissed because I can't do any of the tricks, I mean I'm only legally blind. I could understand if I wanted to wear my glasses on my tits, but nobody in this dump is looking at my face anyway."

Aidan Quinn as Dez

  • (Aidan Quinn) "Some guy grabbed you?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Yes, he was after me. Well, not me exactly. He was after Susan, who he thinks I am, but I'm not."

Mark Blum as Gary

  • (Mark Blum) "What are you wearing?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "A jacket. It used to belong to Jimi Hendrix."
  • (Mark Blum) "You bought a used jacket? What are we, poor?"
  • (Mark Blum) "I didn't know about all this."
  • (Madonna) "Between you and me, how much do you really know about Roberta? Why didn't you tell me she read the personals? We could have settled this yesterday."
  • (Mark Blum) "She read them all the time. I didn't think --"
  • (Madonna) "Yeah, well, fortunately for everyone, I'm here and I'm thinking."
  • (Mark Blum) "Susan. What are you doing?"
  • (Madonna) "I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
  • (Mark Blum) "You said you were going to leave."
  • (Madonna) "All right, good news first. Roberta's not working with the greaseball."
  • (Mark Blum) "My wife just got picked up on the lower east side escaping from her gun-toting pimp."
  • (Madonna) "He's not a pimp. Problem is, he's probably going to try to kill her because he thinks she's me."
  • (Mark Blum) "Roberta can't be a prostitute she doesn't even like sex that much. It's impossible."

Ann Magnuson as Cigarette Girl

  • (Ann Magnuson) "Susan. My God, we thought you were dead."
  • (Madonna) "No, just in New Jersey."

Laurie Metcalf as Leslie

  • (Laurie Metcalf) "I can't believe the two of you are eating in the middle of a crisis like this."
  • (Mark Blum) "We're nervous, what do you want --"
  • (Laurie Metcalf) "Then take a Valium like a normal person."

Rosanna Arquette as Roberta

  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Here it is, a message from Jim."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) ""Desperately seeking Susan. Meet me, four o'clock, Battery Park. Keep the faith. Love, Jim.""
  • (Laurie Metcalf) "Jim? Susan? Do you know these people?"
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "They send messages through the personal ads, that's how they hook up. Last year she was in Mexico City, then Los Angeles, now New York. Desperate. I love that word."
  • (Laurie Metcalf) "Everybody I know is desperate, except for you."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "I'm desperate."
  • (Laurie Metcalf) "Ha."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Well, sort of."

Robert Joy as Jim

  • (Robert Joy) "You were with this guy?"
  • (Madonna) "He was breathing when I left."

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