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The Smurfs (film) Quotes

The Smurfs (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Smurfs ended in 1970.

It features Jordan Kerner as producer, Heitor Pereira in charge of musical score, and Phil Méheux as head of cinematography.

The Smurfs (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Smurfs (film) is 103 minutes long. The Smurfs (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Tom Kane as Narrator Smurf, Fred Armisen as Brainy, Sofía Vergara as Odile, Paul Reubens as Jokey, Katy Perry as Smurfette, Jonathan Winters as Papa, George Lopez as Grouchy, Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow, Anton Yelchin as Clumsy, Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow, John Oliver as Vanity, and Katy Perry as Smurfs.

The Smurfs (film) Quotes

Anton Yelchin as Clumsy

  • (Anton Yelchin) "Just because your name IS Grouchy, doesn't mean you always have to BE grouchy."
  • (George Lopez) "Yeah. It does."

George Lopez as Grouchy

  • (George Lopez) "Don't get your petals in a twist."
  • (George Lopez) "Let's get our Smurf on."
  • (George Lopez) "I'm tired of the whole dating game. Just say who you are, and be who you say, right?"
  • (George Lopez) "Where the Smurf are we?"
  • (Gutsy) "Up the smurfin' creek without a paddle, that's where."
  • (George Lopez) "You have our Papa. Prepare to get smurfed."
  • (George Lopez) "I hated it -- so much less than I expected."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Bye, Grouchy."
  • (George Lopez) "Don't get me wrong, I still hate it here."

Katy Perry as Smurfette

  • (Katy Perry) "You smurfed with the wrong girl."
  • (Katy Perry) "I kissed a Smurf, and liked it?"
  • (Katy Perry) "I never had a girlfriend before. I'll never forget you."
  • (Katy Perry) "OH. So that's where all the unicorns went --"
  • (Katy Perry) "I can have more than one kind of dress? What?"
  • (Katy Perry) "Oh -- my -- Smurf."
  • (Katy Perry) "Hey guys. How do you like my new dress?"

Jonathan Winters as Papa

  • (Jonathan Winters) "I'm 546 years old -- I'm getting too old for this."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Here, come sit on Papa's lap."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Uh --"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Oh, yeah. Right. Scratch that."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Yeah, probably not the best idea --"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Well, Master Winslow, thank you. You saved my whole family."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Actually, I think it was the other way around."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Well, I should get going. I've got a Smurf village to rebuild. Your village has given me some ideas --"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Goodbye, Papa."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Goodbye -- papa."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "GARGAMEL."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "I'm sorry, Master Winslow, but we badly need to borrow your stargazer."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "I don't have a stargazer, okay? It's not something people of this century just have, especially here."
  • (George Lopez) "Not happy."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Now if you excuse me, I have to work."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Well, perhaps we can sing to help things along. And then we'll get the stargazer. Come along, Smurfs."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Stop. Stop. Come on. None of you find that song just the tiniest bit annoying?"
  • (George Lopez) "I find it annoying."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Well, what do you sing at work?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "I don't sing at work."
  • (Katy Perry) "What?"
  • (Gutsy) "And you have to wear a leash. Harsh."
  • (Katy Perry) "I know. How about if we hum?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Please stop humming."

Paul Reubens as Jokey

  • (Paul Reubens) "What do you get when you cross a Smurf with a cow? Blue cheese."

Neil Patrick Harris as Patrick Winslow

  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "To review, you guys come from a magic forest where you live in oversized mushrooms --"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Yes."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "-- and you're being chased by an evil wizard --"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Yeah."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "-- and you're trapped in New York until there's a blue moon --"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Very good."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "-- and you like to use the extremely imprecise term "smurf" for just about everything."
  • (Fred Armisen) "Smurf-xactly."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "SMURF, SMURF, SMURFETY, SMURF."
  • (Gutsy) "There is no call for that sort of language, laddie."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "Doesn't it freak you out sometimes? I mean, all those little guys depending on you -- I mean, what if you screw up? How do you know when you're ready?"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Let me ask you something: why did you come for us today when your Grace called?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "She needed me, and I heard it in her voice."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "That's what being a papa is. It comes time, you just do."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Knowing what to do doesn't come from here -- it comes from here, where it matters most."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "My spleen?"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "No, your heart. I'm trying to have a moment here, you whippersnapper."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "You're a good papa, Papa."
  • (Jonathan Winters) "You'll be a good one, too."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "So, tell me -- that weird guy in the tatty bathrobe, at the toy store?"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Gargamel?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "He's not really a wizard, is he?"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "Not the smartest of sorcerers, but dangerous just the same. Back home, I could hold him at bay with a spell or two. But here, without my books and potions -- well, today we got lucky, but next time who knows?"
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "What are you gonna do?"
  • (Jonathan Winters) "I'll do anything and everything I can do to get my Smurfs home. I won't ever give up. They're my family, and you never give up on your family."
  • (Neil Patrick Harris) "And you're all named after your personalities? Do you get your names when you're born or after you've exhibited certain traits?"
  • (Katy Perry) "Yes."

John Oliver as Vanity

Tom Kane as Narrator Smurf

  • (Tom Kane) "There is a place. A place that knows no sadness, where even feeling blue is a happy thing. A place inhabited by little blue beings three apples high. It lies deep within an enchanted forest, hidden away beyond the medieval village. Most people believe this place is made up, only to be found in books or children's imagination. Well, we beg to differ."
  • (Tom Kane) "And so the Smurfs left this great city of New York. And I think they left it a little sweeter, a little wiser, a little smurfier. And as that portal began to close for the last time --"
  • (George Lopez) "Hey. Seriously, stop."
  • (Tom Kane) "BYE."

Fred Armisen as Brainy

  • (Fred Armisen) "Wow. Palaces everywhere."
  • (George Lopez) "Wow. A green goblin."
  • (Katy Perry) "Wow. A red troll."
  • (Gutsy) "Wow, look at that giant princess."
  • (Fred Armisen) "Well, at least they're not coming after us --"
  • (Gargamel) "Azrael? Are you dead?"

Jayma Mays as Grace Winslow

  • (Jayma Mays) "No no no no no."
  • (Katy Perry) "You again. Get your paws off me."
  • (Jayma Mays) "You bad kitty."
  • (Katy Perry) "I hate that cat."
  • (Jayma Mays) "High four."
  • (Katy Perry) "High four."

Sofía Vergara as Odile

  • (Gargamel) "I see no transformation. Your potion has no power. She's still an eye-offending dogfish if you ask me."
  • (Sofía Vergara) "This is my mother who you speaking of."
  • (Gargamel) "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize. How sad for you in thirty years."
  • (Sofía Vergara) "The whole world will know the name that is Garbagesmell."
  • (Gargamel) "Gargamel."
  • (Sofía Vergara) "With my help, the whole world will know the genius that is Gargamel."
  • (Azrael) "Meow?"

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