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Little Giants Quotes

Little Giants is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Little Giants ended its run in 1970.

It features Arne Schmidt as producer, John Debney in charge of musical score, and Janusz Kamiński as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Little Giants is 106 minutes long. Little Giants is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Danny Pritchett as Tad, Rick Moranis as Danny O'Shea, Todd Bosley as Jake Berman, Brian Haley as Mike Hammersmith, Ed O'Neill as Kevin O'Shea, Mark Holton as Rudy Zolteck, Mark Holton as Mr. Zolteck, Mark Holton as Mrs. Zolteck, Jon Paul Steuer as Johnny Vennaro, Joe Bays as Butz, Matthew McCurley as Nubie, Troy Simmons as Hanon, Joey Simmirin as Sean Murphy, Sam Horrigan as Spike, Travis Robertson as Young Kevin, Shawna Waldron as Becky O'Shea, Alexa Vega as Priscilla, Devon Sawa as Junior Floyd, Marcus Toji as Marcus, Mary Ellen Trainor as Karen O'Shea, and Courtney Peldon as Debbie O'Shea.

Little Giants Quotes

Travis Robertson as Young Kevin

  • (Travis Robertson) "Hey Danny. You see that water tower. One day our names will be up there in bold letters, The O'Shea Brothers. We're going to own this town, you and me buddy."

Rick Moranis as Danny O'Shea

  • (Rick Moranis) "Hey, I got an idea. How about we go put some mud tires on the go cart?"
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Nah. I don't want to."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Alright, forget the tires. How about we go camping in the woods. Make moose sounds?"
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Nah."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Alright, forget the moose sounds."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Rudy Zoleteck, your friendly neighborhood gasman."
  • (Mark Holton) "Gasman? I don't get it."
  • (Mark Holton) "Think about it."
  • (Rick Moranis) "You know, there is something you guys should know. When I was 10 years old, I put myself on the injured list. I never got off."
  • (Timmy Moore) "Why?"
  • (Rick Moranis) "Cause I didn't get picked a few times, so I started hiding under the bleachers."
  • (Marcus Toji) "That's where we belong, under the bleachers."
  • (Rick Moranis) "No you don't. You guys belong out there with those Cowboys. You know how I know that? Because I belong out there with my brother."
  • (Mark Holton) "Give us a break, coach. You could never beat Kevin O'Shea at anything."
  • (Rick Moranis) "That's not true. I did beat him once."
  • (Todd Bosley) "When?"
  • (Rick Moranis) "When we were kids. We used to race our bikes down Cherry Hill every day after school. We raced every day and he always beat me, but one time, one time I beat him."
  • (Todd Bosley) "You beat Kevin down Cherry Hill?"
  • (Rick Moranis) "Yes, I did. He ate my dust."
  • (Jon Paul Steuer) "Big deal. One time."
  • (Danny Pritchett) "You know, one time at Randy Cooper's swim party, I did a backflip off the high dive, and my brother chickened out."
  • (Marcus Toji) "Roger chickened out? He's a Marine."
  • (Mark Holton) "Ah, that's nothing. One time at the spring carnival, I beat both of my brothers in the Cow Dung Toss."
  • (Danny Pritchett) "You beat Matt and Brett in the turd toss?"
  • (Todd Bosley) "You know, one time I went fishing with my entire family, and I was the only one that didn't throw up."
  • (Marcus Toji) "So, what? It still doesn't make us good football players."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Well, wait a second, guys. Who said you had to be good to play football? You play football because you want to. You play football because it's fun. You play football so you could pretend you're Joe Montana throwing a touchdown pass, or Emmitt Smith going for a long run. And even if those Cowboys are better than you guys, even if they beat you 99 times out of 100, that still leaves."
  • (Danny Pritchett) "One time."
  • (Mark Holton) "One time."
  • (Devon Sawa) "Yeah one time."
  • (Rick Moranis) "This whole town may love you, but I'm the only one who knows how truly sick you are."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "I treated you like a prince."
  • (Rick Moranis) "You ignored me."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "I took you to see the Cleveland Indians."
  • (Rick Moranis) "You left me at the stadium."
  • (Rick Moranis) "I don't know but I've been told."
  • (Unnamed) "Butz's butt is green with mold."
  • (Rick Moranis) "You say thank you I say please."
  • (Unnamed) "Kevin sits down when he pees."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Do you play football?"
  • (Timmy Moore) "No."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Do you like football?"
  • (Timmy Moore) "No."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Do you want to play football?"
  • (Timmy Moore) "No."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Great, you can be on our team."

Joey Simmirin as Sean Murphy

  • (Joey Simmirin) "Hey Hanon, do you catch anything ever?"
  • (Troy Simmons) "Caught a cold yesterday, Murph. Here. Have some."
  • (Joey Simmirin) "Damn, Zolfart. What kind of road kill did your mom feed you last night?"
  • (Mark Holton) "Free range skunk."
  • (Joey Simmirin) "What's the matter, four eyes? Want your mama."
  • (Todd Bosley) "Don't be talkin' about my mama."

Mary Ellen Trainor as Karen O'Shea

  • (Mary Ellen Trainor) "Kevin, this is pee wee football. It's supposed to be fun."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Not fun anymore. See, all the fun is gone now. See now, it's war."
  • (Briggs) "Ready. Set. Go."
  • (Mary Ellen Trainor) "Kevin. Aah."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Oh. Doctor."

Shawna Waldron as Becky O'Shea

  • (Shawna Waldron) "What a hunk. Wait a minute? What am I saying? I'm the Icebox. Icebox doesn't like boys. Except for that one."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "give me a J. Give me a U. Give me a."
  • (Rick Moranis) "Is that lipstick?"
  • (Shawna Waldron) "No. It's a cherry tootsie pop."

Devon Sawa as Junior Floyd

  • (Devon Sawa) "You wanna learn how to kiss?"
  • (Shawna Waldron) "No. Why, do you?"
  • (Devon Sawa) "No. Ew I just got that vomit taste in my mouth."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Come on, you gotta learn sometime. I mean if you wanna get a job and have kids and stuff."
  • (Devon Sawa) "You can have kids without kissing."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Yeah, but you can't get a job. You know, for scientific reasons and stuff."
  • (Devon Sawa) "Well become a teacher."
  • (Devon Sawa) "Ew, that's disgusting. It looks like they're trying to swallow each other's heads."

Ed O'Neill as Kevin O'Shea

  • (Ed O'Neill) "Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Are you nuts?"
  • (Mark Holton) "It's still good."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "You'll never get anywhere treating your helmet like a lunchbox, son."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Put a fork in them they're done, baby."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Are you nuts?"
  • (Mark Holton) "It's still good."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "You'll never get anywhere treating your helmet like a lunchbox son? What is that?"
  • (Joe Bays) "Cheetos."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Crunchy or puffed?"
  • (Joe Bays) "Puffed."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "Wimp."
  • (Mark Holton) "My mom made that."

Todd Bosley as Jake Berman

  • (Unnamed) "Giants. Giants."
  • (Todd Bosley) "Help us God."

Troy Simmons as Hanon

  • (Troy Simmons) "Why do you do this to me, fellas? I cut your nails, wash you, put gloves on you when you're cold."
  • (Troy Simmons) "There goes my shot at the Pros. I gonna have to be a senator."

Mark Holton as Rudy Zolteck

  • (Mark Holton) "Here's a kiss for Murphey. And for Patterson and Briggs too."
  • (Mark Holton) "How'd I do, coach?"
  • (Ed O'Neill) "I don't know son. I don't have a sundial."
  • (Mark Holton) "Ahh. It's a mom."
  • (Mark Holton) "That's it, I'm leaving the country. I'm moving to New Mexico."

Alexa Vega as Priscilla

  • (Alexa Vega) "Hey Uncle Dan. Guess what? I got the whole headlock thing on tape. Here, wanna see?"
  • (Alexa Vega) "God bless family, friends, flowers, Nickelodeon, fuzzy little kittens, Pez, Mr. Lerenzo, the school janitor 'cause he's so hairy."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "He's an unfortunate man Priscilla."

Jon Paul Steuer as Johnny Vennaro

  • (Jon Paul Steuer) "You can't pitch to Johnny. I'm Johnny."

Sam Horrigan as Spike

  • (Sam Horrigan) "Is Spike mistaken, but aren't you a girl?"
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Gee, good eye"
  • (Sam Horrigan) "Spike don't play with girls."
  • (Sam Horrigan) "No mercy."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "No ball."
  • (Sam Horrigan) "Your mine, Pom Pom."
  • (Sam Horrigan) "Look, you berzerko Barbie doll, when you mess with Spike, you mess with death."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?"
  • (Sam Horrigan) "Try me."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "I will."
  • (Sam Horrigan) "Let's go."
  • (Shawna Waldron) "Right now."
  • (Todd Bosley) "Somebody call 911."

Danny Pritchett as Tad

  • (Danny Pritchett) "Death shrouds"
  • (Rick Moranis) "They've got your names on the back."
  • (Todd Bosley) "So the guys at the morgue can identify the bodies."

Brian Haley as Mike Hammersmith

  • (Brian Haley) "Every night before he goes to bed, I massage his hamstrings with evaporated milk"
  • (Brian Haley) "What's that cheerleader doing with a helmet on?"
  • (Ed O'Neill) "That's no cheerleader, that's my niece Becky. She's pissed."

Courtney Peldon as Debbie O'Shea

  • (Courtney Peldon) "Yes."

Matthew McCurley as Nubie

Joe Bays as Butz

  • (Joe Bays) "This is incredible. They got the guards in the backfield. The center's on the right. And the quarterback isn't even there."
  • (Ed O'Neill) "They're just standing around, Butz."
  • (Joe Bays) "Oh, yeah."

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