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One Fine Day (film) Quotes

One Fine Day (film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . One Fine Day ended its run in 1970.

It features Lynda Obst as producer, James Newton Howard in charge of musical score, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

One Fine Day (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of One Fine Day (film) is 108 minutes long. One Fine Day (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Michelle Pfeiffer as Melanie, George Clooney as Jack Taylor, Mae Whitman as Maggie Taylor, George Clooney as Jack, Michelle Pfeiffer as Melanie Parker, Alex D. Linz as Sammy Parker, Amanda Peet as Celia, Michelle Pfeiffer as Marla, Robert Klein as Dr. Martin, and Sheila Kelley as Kristen.

One Fine Day (film) Quotes

George Clooney as Jack Taylor

  • (George Clooney) "Kick the mean boys in the shins."
  • (George Clooney) "What would you do if I kissed you right now?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "You wouldn't kiss me."
  • (George Clooney) "But what would you do if i did?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Do you wanna kiss me right now?"
  • (George Clooney) "I wouldn't've mentioned it if didn't."
  • (George Clooney) "I'm working on a story right now."
  • (Sheila Kelley) "You're always working on a story."
  • (George Clooney) "Well, Yeah. It's what I do."
  • (Sheila Kelley) "It's the same old one about an every-other-weekend, good-time father, for whom responsibility is a dirty word."
  • (George Clooney) "Here's a hint, Kristen. During an attempted manipulation, like the one that's in progress, I would have gone with flattery."
  • (Sheila Kelley) "Why do I always have to be the grownup where you always get to be the little boy?"
  • (George Clooney) "Because in the beginning of the relationship when we were choosing up sides, you chose grownup first."
  • (George Clooney) "A real superwoman. Can't open her door, won't shut her mouth."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Excuse me, are you talking about me?"
  • (George Clooney) "The first lady. We're thinking about doing a piece on her."
  • (George Clooney) "You're asking me for help."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "It would appear that way, wouldn't it?"
  • (George Clooney) "I'll agree if you'll say, "Jack, please be my knight in shining armor.""
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Jack, don't be a s***-head. Go rescue our kids."
  • (George Clooney) "This is hard for you, isn't it?"
  • (George Clooney) "My attitude is derived from your attitude."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) ""Derived", you must be a writer."
  • (George Clooney) "I just want to find a fish who isn't afraid of my dark chocolate layer -- and of course she'd have to love my cookie too."
  • (George Clooney) "That's one of the advantages of being an adult. You get to act like a kid anytime you feel like it."
  • (George Clooney) "What?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I forgot to tell you that Sammy is allergic to shellfish and dander. And also, he's not allowed to watch commercial TV. And no matter what he says, he has to hold your hand when he crosses the street. Oh, and also, if you go to the playground, I'd like you to check the sandbox first, because you never know what people throw in there. And, also -- OK. Bye."
  • (George Clooney) "Fine."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Fine."
  • (George Clooney) "You are like Roy Scheider at the end of Jaws, the moment I open the mouth you are gonna drop a bomb."
  • (George Clooney) "You aren't going to fire me. My face is on buses."
  • (George Clooney) "Hello?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Hi, it's me."
  • (George Clooney) "Me who?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "You have the kids?"
  • (George Clooney) "What kids?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "You didn't pick up the kids?"
  • (George Clooney) "Oh, you mean those kids."

Mae Whitman as Maggie Taylor

  • (Mae Whitman) "I'm hungry."
  • (George Clooney) "Want a Tic Tac?"
  • (Mae Whitman) "No."
  • (George Clooney) "That's all I've got."
  • (Mae Whitman) "I wonder what they're doing?"
  • (Mae Whitman) "I think my dad likes your mom."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "I think maybe my mom likes him back."

Michelle Pfeiffer as Melanie

  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "If you don't want your balls juggled, don't throw them in my face."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "If I ever act interested in another man again, would you please shoot me?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Let's do this right. Let me freshen up so I'll feel a little more like a woman and less like a dead mommy."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "You're the most important thing in the world."
  • (Alex D. Linz) "No, I'm not. Your job is."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Look, I just called --"
  • (George Clooney) "You just called to check up on me, because you don't really trust me -- Sammy, no. Put the gun down."
  • (George Clooney) "-- and you only asked me to watch Sammy out of sheer desperation. Part of you would feel safer leaving Sammy at the 9th Street Drop-in Center, with LSD, isn't that true?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "No, that is not true. I just called to warn you that Sammy can get in trouble faster than you can make most women smile. Just be careful, okay?"
  • (George Clooney) "I won't let him out of my sight -- hey, Sammy. Guns aren't toys."
  • (George Clooney) "It's not loaded."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Goodbye."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "You MUST be Kristen's ex-husband?"
  • (George Clooney) "Why do you say that?"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Well, that's Kristen's daughter --"
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "Men like you have made me the woman I am."
  • (George Clooney) "All the women I know like you have made me think all women are like you."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I only wanted to warn you that Sammy can get into trouble faster than you can make most women smile."
  • (Michelle Pfeiffer) "I didn't know you had a daughter. She looks just like you."
  • (George Clooney) "Yeah, well, with any luck she'll grow out of it."

Amanda Peet as Celia

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Alex D. Linz as Sammy Parker

  • (Alex D. Linz) "My mom hates your dad."
  • (Mae Whitman) "So? My dad hates your mom."

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