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White Men Can't Jump Quotes

White Men Can't Jump is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . White Men Can't Jump stopped airing in 1970.

It features David V. Lester, Don Miller, and Michelle Rappaport as producer, Bennie Wallace in charge of musical score, and Russell Boyd as head of cinematography.

White Men Can't Jump is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of White Men Can't Jump is 115 minutes long. White Men Can't Jump is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Wesley Snipes as Sidney Deane, Woody Harrelson as Billy Hoyle, Rosie Perez as Gloria Clemente, Tyra Ferrell as Rhonda Deane, Kadeem Hardison as Junior, and Ernest Harden, Jr. as George.

White Men Can't Jump Quotes

Wesley Snipes as Sidney Deane

  • (Wesley Snipes) "Billy, I have four words for you: "Listen to the Woman"."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "What the hell does that mean, "Listen to the woman"? I TRIED to listen to the woman and you're the one who talked me out of it."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Wait a minute. I didn't talk you out of anything. I presented you with an option and you took it."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "You got a fine woman"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "You keep your hands off her"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "What's the matter with you?I said she was fine, I didn't say I was going to touch her"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "If you touch her I'll kick your ass you hear me?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Look at this, it's starting to come clear"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Good"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "you're a real cool customer on the court, real chill out there, can't be rattled in your game, you don't even fall for that "nigger" shit out there on the court, but when it comes to your woman that's a different matter altogether, look at you I didn't even talk trash and you're already scared, I didn't even push up on the sister and you're already thinking about it this is good shit to know, I know your weakness"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Shut the fuck up"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Billy, you're like every other white boys I've ever met"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "And you're like every other brother I met on the play ground"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Come on with it baby kick some shit"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "You'd rather look good and lose rather look bad and win, how many dinners did your necklace set your family back?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Fuck you, you don't know shit about me"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Either you're stupid or you're dangerous and you can't be stupid because stupid people can't push my buttons and piss me off so you must be dangerous"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "To who?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "To yourself"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "You can put a cat in an oven, but that don't make it a biscuit."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Can anybody step in for this guy? Anybody? For Mr. Motherfucking March of Dimes?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Billy, listen to me. White men can't jump."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Doesn't this guy look like one of those motherfuckers from The Brady Bunch?"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "Yeah. He looks like Cindy."
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "The youngest one in curls --"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Hey hey man, what's the score? Yo. Chump. I'm talking to you. I'm talking to the fucking air."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "My name ain't chump, it's Billy Hoyle."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Billy Hoyle. BILLY HOYLE. Billy Hoyle. Okay Billy -- can you count to ten, Billy?"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Yeah."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Good. What's the score -- Billy?"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "I don't know."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Then you're a chump."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "I may be a chump, I just said that wasn't my name."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Yo, Billy, tomorrow we goin' to 3rd Street. We're goin' to hustle out there. That's Watts, tough games out there. Big bucks."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Um-hmm."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Don't take it personally, baby. We teammates. Ebony and Ivory."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Ha-ha-ha. Hey, I got your partner."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Oh,right. Fuck me. All I know is you better get your ass north of Le Brea before sunset."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Oh man shut your anorexic malnutrition tapeworm-having overdose on Dick Gregory Bahamian diet-drinking ass up. Leave me alone."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Loan me a twenty"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "Come on Sid, do I look like Bank of America?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "You think I'm going to lose this money to this white boy?"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "You better not lose my money to this white boy he's a visitor we're the home team baby"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "This here is a black thing, so give me twenty dollars so I can run this shit"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "We're going to at Sizzlers?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Damn right"

Rosie Perez as Gloria Clemente

  • (Rosie Perez) "Teammates can't hustle each other."
  • (Tyra Ferrell) "Oh really? Why not?"
  • (Rosie Perez) "It's not artistic."

Woody Harrelson as Billy Hoyle

  • (Woody Harrelson) "When I say I wanna make love, it means, "Let's screw." That's the kind of thing I thought you would say."
  • (Rosie Perez) "I don't like the word "screw," OK? I prefer "make love" or "fuck." Screwing is for carpenters."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Oh, you're gonna get it."
  • (Rosie Perez) "Oh, honey."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Oh --"
  • (Rosie Perez) "We're you going?"
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Anywhere to get the hell away from you. Psycho, chiquita nut case."
  • (Rosie Perez) "Oh, come back, I want to make love. Honey, come back, I want to screw."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "You are so stupid. It would take your mother 1, no. 2 hours to watch 60 MINUTES."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Don't start that shit again."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "What, you still throwing up bricks? What is this, a Masons convention? Wha -- clank, clank. I need, like, a welding torch to play in this league. I got an idea -- let's just stop right now and gather up all these bricks and let's build a shelter for the homeless so maybe your mother will have a place to live."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "You calling me ugly?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Your mother did."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Don't let him pull that move, don't let him pull that move. That's the move. Oh that's the move."
  • (Woody Harrelson) "Once again quoting myself,"a white man wants to win first look good second, a black man wants to look good first win second" that is the most ridiculous piece of philosophical BULLSHIT I have ever heard."

Tyra Ferrell as Rhonda Deane

Kadeem Hardison as Junior

  • (Kadeem Hardison) "Your mother's so poor I saw her kicking cans and I asked her what she was doing she said "moving""
  • (Ernest Harden, Jr.) "Your mother's so old she used to drive chariots to high school"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "Your mother's so fat when she fell over, broke her leg and gravy poured out"
  • (Ernest Harden, Jr.) "I told your mother to act her age and the bitch dropped dead"
  • (Kadeem Hardison) "We goin' Sizzler, we goin' Sizzler --"

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