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Deliver Us from Eva Quotes

Deliver Us from Eva is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Deliver Us from Eva ended in 1970.

It features Paula Weinstein as producer, Marcus Miller in charge of musical score, and Alexander Gruszynski as head of cinematography.

Deliver Us from Eva is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Deliver Us from Eva is 105 minutes long. Deliver Us from Eva is distributed by Focus Features.

The cast includes: Royale Watkins as Telly, Kym Whitley as Ormandy, Meagan Good as Jacqui, Dartanyan Edmonds as Darrell, Matt Winston as Oscar, Gabrielle Union as Eva, LL Cool J as Ray, Mel Jackson as Tim, and Essence Atkins as Kareenah.

Deliver Us from Eva Quotes

Gabrielle Union as Eva

  • (Gabrielle Union) "This is what you drive when you take a woman out?"
  • (LL Cool J) "It's clean and it's free."
  • (LL Cool J) "I'm saving to buy a house."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "So what is it that you do again?"
  • (LL Cool J) "I deliver meat."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "So why don't you think about that the next time you are toting around a pig's ass."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "We went back to my place for a nice, respectable evening -- And-then-we-burned-a-hole-in-the-floor."
  • (Michael 'Mike') "You don't get to me with your 50 DOLLAR words, Eva. Now what would you say if we DEMANDED that you leave the room?"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "I would say that I find your particular brand of CRACK very amusing."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "That's it, gentleman. End of story. The fat lady singeth."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "If I don't leave right now I'm gonna start saying all kinds of hot, nasty, dirty things."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Holy Mother of God."
  • (LL Cool J) "HEY EVA."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "This is not about a book versus a football game fellas, oh no, this about men versus women. Women who aspire to culture, and men who aspire to scratch themselves. Women who bear the burdens in life and men who create those burdens. Women who uplift humanity, and men who uplift lap dances. If society left to the whims of men we'd still be in caves carving pictures with our non aposable thumbs. So today, gentlemen, is the day for civilized behavior. Today we women raise our voices against tyrrany, crudeness and playoff games. And that is it gentlemen, end of story THE FAT LADY SINGETH. Out of the room. By the way if any of that was lost upon you then Ive just proven my point again. hmm?"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Oh. One car breaks down, you just hop into another?"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Just drive your meat wagon."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "If food isn't prepared right your throat could close up and you'll drown on your own vomit."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Oh what, you don't want Kareenah to make a good impression on the book club?"
  • (Mel Jackson) "No."
  • (Essence Atkins) "Excuse me?"
  • (Mel Jackson) "Yes."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "How much did they pay you?"
  • (LL Cool J) "Eva, that's not --"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "HOW MUCH?"
  • (LL Cool J) "$5000; but I'm giving it back to them --"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "You are exactly the person I thought you were."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "You three have yet to feel my rage."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Did I hurt you?"
  • (LL Cool J) "Yeah -- But I liked it."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "You know, let's do something you want to do."
  • (LL Cool J) "Anything?"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Yeah; Sure."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Who told you I like lilies?"
  • (LL Cool J) "Sometimes a man gets lucky."

Royale Watkins as Telly

  • (Royale Watkins) "The best way to get over an old man --"
  • (Kym Whitley) "-- is to get under a new one."
  • (Royale Watkins) "No, you can't come by here -- because I'm pretending to be gay -- because in L.A., a straight male hairdresser is an unemployed male hairdresser."

Kym Whitley as Ormandy

  • (Kym Whitley) "Ooh, that's a good looking man. I can't keep my legs together."
  • (Royale Watkins) "The sun rises and you can't keep your legs together."
  • (Kym Whitley) "I need a real man Not a child or a boy Give me a hard rock Not a soft little toy You think women are hard You thick we're evil and mean Well I think maybe you don't need us"
  • (Royale Watkins) "Maybe you on the wrong team"
  • (Kym Whitley) "So I need a real man And my standards are high Don't like what you just heard Then you need not apply"

LL Cool J as Ray

  • (LL Cool J) "Scared? I said I was a multi-talented guy that likes to travel. I didn't say I was scared."
  • (LL Cool J) "I'm thinking next time we'll actually make it to the bed."
  • (LL Cool J) "You give me your body and then you offer me your friendship?"
  • (LL Cool J) "She's cute, but why's she scowling?"
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "That's her sexy smirk, brother."
  • (LL Cool J) "Most women have a few barriers around their heart, but Eva has an electrified fence with rabid pit bulls."
  • (LL Cool J) "I think I might love her."
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "Love. You forgot the rule. Players don't feel. That's like a pimp with a health plan."
  • (LL Cool J) "I can't do this --"
  • (Gabrielle Union) "The bulge in your pants didn't get that memo, so --"
  • (LL Cool J) "You're just a civil servant, not the FBI."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Well excuse the hell out of me."

Matt Winston as Oscar

Dartanyan Edmonds as Darrell

  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "Eva's sisters gave her a cross with Jesus on it for her birthday, the next day Jesus was gone."
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "Don't mind us. We're just having sex."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Oh so I should come back in, what, two minutes?"
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "Look, we were here FIRST, Eva."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "Yes. Sure but the temporal proximity of our advent isn't determitive, IS IT?"
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "I'll get BACK to you on that one."
  • (Gabrielle Union) "YEAH."
  • (Dartanyan Edmonds) "Cuz I don't know WHAT she just said."

Meagan Good as Jacqui

  • (Meagan Good) "So if being gone makes you happy; I'm happy."

Mel Jackson as Tim

  • (Mel Jackson) "Yeah. Life, Liberty and getting away with shit; Ray."

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