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The Rachel Papers Quotes

The Rachel Papers is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Rachel Papers stopped airing in 1970.

It features Andrew_Karsch as producer, Chaz Jankel in charge of musical score, and Alex Thompson as head of cinematography.

The Rachel Papers is recorded in English and originally aired in England. Each episode of The Rachel Papers is 95 mins long. The Rachel Papers is distributed by United Artists.

The Rachel Papers Quotes

  • (Charles Highway) "You can never be over-prepared. That's my motto. I mean, one minute you're in there with a chance with one. And then the next, you go and say the wrong thing -- and it's all over. It's a whole different ball game up here. Girls, that is. I mean, back where I come from, any experience with something with only two feet, uhm, was considered a plus -- but down here in London -- it's all about something else. Getting a girl can be like -- waging a full-scale campaign."
  • (Charles Highway) "I notice you don't have a drink."
  • (RachelNoyce) "Are you giving this party?"
  • (Charles Highway) "Certainly not. Parties of this kind are not given, they're received."
  • (Charles Highway) "If there's one thing that mothers don't want to see in you it's whatever it is that their daughters do."
  • (Charles Highway) "The best first impressions are the ones that are misleading. I mean, you can be whoever you want and whoever they want you to be."
  • (Charles Highway) "Now, I'm surprisingly ineffective on the telephone so I find there are four basic requirements I need on making the first call. Number 1: visual stimulants. Number 2: other stimulants. Number 3: mood music. And, most importantly, number 4: a tight and effective working script."
  • (Charles Highway) "I can never get these damn things on."
  • (RachelNoyce) "Well, it helps if you don't undo it first."
  • (RachelNoyce) "I thought I might as well make one of you happy."
  • (Charles Highway) "What, me?"
  • (RachelNoyce) "If you still want me."
  • (Charles Highway) "I've been reading -- uhm, well, a lot of metaphysical poets recently -- but there's this one Elizabethan love couplet, uhm -- "Love seeketh only self to please -- to bind another to its delight -- joys in another's loss of ease -- builds a heaven -- in hell's -- " No, uhm -- "Builds a hell in heaven's -- ""
  • (RachelNoyce) ""Despite.""
  • (Charles Highway) "Pardon?"
  • (RachelNoyce) ""And builds a hell in heaven's despite." Then it goes "Love seeketh not itself to please -- to bind another to its delight -- joy at another's loss of ease -- and builds a heaven in hell's despite.""
  • (Charles Highway) "How did you know that?"
  • (RachelNoyce) "Blake's one of my favorite poets."
  • (Charles Highway) "I'm glad you're here."

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