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Queens Logic Quotes

Queens Logic is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Queens Logic ended its run in 1970.

It features Russell Smith (producer) as producer, Joe Jackson in charge of musical score, and Amir M. Mokri as head of cinematography.

Queens Logic is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Queens Logic is 113 minutes long. Queens Logic is distributed by Seven Arts.

The cast includes: Terry Kinney as Jeremy, John Malkovich as Eliot, Jamie Lee Curtis as Grace, Joe Mantegna as Al, Chloe Webb as Patricia, Kevin Bacon as Dennis, and Linda Fiorentino as Carla.

Queens Logic Quotes

Joe Mantegna as Al

  • (Joe Mantegna) "Hey, Den, can you smell me from over there?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "We can always smell you, Al."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "Fuckin' fish. No wonder this cat wants to blow me."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "You are very sexy."
  • (Girl in Club Bathroom) "I know."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "But you keep snorting that shit, you're gonna end up making some guy a terrific memory."
  • (Girl in Club Bathroom) "Oh, a real person."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "What is this, a vampire movie? Let's go."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "Come on, what do I gotta do?"
  • (Chloe Webb) "You could crawl through broken glass on your hands and knees with a sign on your back that says "asshole." That might get you in the door."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "Look at me. I have a house, two beautiful kids; I'm the fuckin' Donna Reed Show, for Christ's sake."
  • (Joe Mantegna) "Oooh France, that's way outta town."

Linda Fiorentino as Carla

  • (Linda Fiorentino) "Look at him, he's so cute."
  • (Chloe Webb) "Cute? The guy buys a new Monte Carlo every year because his name's Monte."

Kevin Bacon as Dennis

  • (Kevin Bacon) "Seriously, you guys should move out to L.A."
  • (John Malkovich) "Sure, why not? Vinny can act, Ray can paint, and I can find some other fucking job I hate."

Jamie Lee Curtis as Grace

  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "You're a little tense, don't you think?"
  • (Joe Mantegna) "Who wouldn't be tense? This music could make Will Rogers punch a nun."

Terry Kinney as Jeremy

  • (Terry Kinney) "So why do you stay in Brooklyn?"
  • (John Malkovich) "Queens. I stay in Queens."
  • (Terry Kinney) "Oh, right. Sorry. It's just that your friends -- they're like those guys in movies that are always from Brooklyn, you know? The Bronx."
  • (Terry Kinney) "Why do you keep running away from me? There's nothing to be afraid of."
  • (John Malkovich) "I know that. I'm not running away from you; I don't like you. I don't like what you say, and I don't like the way you talk about my friends. I know what you're thinking: here's this poor, repressed faggot from the boroughs who needs to get laid, and you know what? You're right. But I don't like you. I am simply incapable of tolerating your bullshit. Now, if you follow me back into that party, I'm gonna tear off your arm and beat you down the fucking street with it. Goodbye, and goodnight."

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