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Pierrot le Fou Quotes

Pierrot le Fou is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Pierrot le Fou completed its run in 1970.

It features Georges de Beauregard as producer, Antoine Duhamel in charge of musical score, and Raoul Coutard as head of cinematography.

Pierrot le Fou is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of Pierrot le Fou is 110 minutes long. Pierrot le Fou is distributed by Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC).

The cast includes: Anna Karina as Marianne, and Jean-Paul Belmondo as Ferdinard.

Pierrot le Fou Quotes

Anna Karina as Marianne

  • (Anna Karina) "What are you doing?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Looking at myself."
  • (Anna Karina) "And what do you see?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "The face of a man who's driving towards a cliff at 100 km/h."
  • (Anna Karina) "I see a woman who is in love with the man who's driving towards a cliff at 100 km/h."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "So let's kiss."
  • (Anna Karina) "-- Pierrot."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "My name's Ferdinand."
  • (Anna Karina) "Give me the rifle."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "The same make that killed Kennedy."
  • (Anna Karina) "Sure, didn't you know it was me?"
  • (Anna Karina) "Why do you look so sad? Because you speak to me in words and I look at you with feelings."
  • (Anna Karina) "I remember a trick from Laurel and Hardy."
  • (Anna Karina) "I can never have a real conversation with you. You never have ideas, only feelings. That's not true. There are ideas in feelings."
  • (Anna Karina) "It's easy for a girl to kill a lot of people. There's no reason why soft breasts and thighs should keep her from killing everybody to stay free or defend herself. Just look at Cuba or Vietnam or Israel."
  • (Anna Karina) "What about you? Do you know what you are?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I am a sexual being."
  • (Anna Karina) "That's what makes me sad: life is so different from books. I wish it were the same: clear, logical, organized."
  • (Anna Karina) "Look at the last page, there's a little poem about you. It's by me."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Tender -- and cruel -- real -- and surreal -- terrifying -- and funny nocturnal -- and diurnal usual -- and unusual handsome as anyone"
  • (Anna Karina) "Pierrot le Fou."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "My name is Ferdinand. I have told you often enough. Christ almighty. You bore me to death."

Jean-Paul Belmondo as Ferdinard

  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Allons-y, Alonzo."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) ""That is the basic problem -- you're waiting for me -- I'm not there -- I arrive -- I enter the room -- that's when I really start to exist for you -- But I existed before that -- I had thoughts -- I may have been suffering -- So the problem is to show you alive, thinking of me,and at the same time, to see me alive by virtue of that very fact." Underlined."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Aren't you wearing a slip?"
  • (La femme de Ferdinand) "No. I'm wearing my new Maidenform girdle, it's invisible."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) ""In my new trousers I've got that young look with Maidenform.""
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "After Athens, after the Renaissance, we are now entering the civilization of the rump."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I think your legs and breasts are very moving."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "You see? I was right"
  • (Anna Karina) "What about?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "You didn't believe we'd always be in love."
  • (Anna Karina) "No. I didn't --"
  • (Anna Karina) "I never told you I'd love you all my life. Oh my love, you never swore to adore me all your life. We never made promises like that, knowing me knowing you. We never thought we ever would be caught by love fickle as we were. And yet, and yet, step by step, without a word between us, bit by bit, feelings slipped between our merry mingle bodies and words of love rose to our naked lips. Bit by bit lots of words of love began to mingle gently with our kisses. How many words of love? I never would have thought I'd always want you. Oh my love, we never would have thought we two could live together and not get bored. Wake up every morning and be just as surprised to be just as happy in the same bed, desire nothing more than that oh so banal pleasure of feeling so good to be together. And yet, and yet, step by step without a word between us, bit by bit our feelings bound us tight in spite of ourselves, bound us tight forever Feelings stronger than any words of love known or unknown. Feelings so wild and so strong. Feelings we never thought were possible before. Don't ever promise to adore me all your life. Let's not make promises like that knowing me knowing you. Let's keep the feeling that this love of ours, this love of ours, will be short and sweet."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Anyway, we'll know when we're dead -- in 60 years -- we'll know if we were always in love."
  • (Anna Karina) "That's not true, I know I love you, but I'm not sure about you."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I do, Marianne, I do."
  • (Anna Karina) "Well, I'll know soon enough."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "What I wanted to say -- Why? This is silly."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Off to bed, sleepyheads. Why are they still up?"
  • (La femme de Ferdinand) "Because you sent the maid to the movies for the third time this week."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Sure, I did. They're showing "Johnny Guitar", good for her education. We see too many squares."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Poetry is a game of loser-take-all."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Leave a woman and she'll claim you're off your nut."
  • (Anna Karina) "Oh, men are the same way."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "That's true."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I wonder what's keeping the cops. We should be in jail by now."
  • (Anna Karina) "They're smart -- They let people destroy themselves."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "We'll just stop anywhere."
  • (Anna Karina) "And do what all day? No, let's find my brother. He'll give us tons of dough. Then we'll find ourselves a high-class hotel and have some fun."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "All she thinks about is fun."
  • (Anna Karina) "Who are you talking to?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "The audience."
  • (Anna Karina) "Ah."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Ten minutes ago, I saw death everywhere. Now it's just the opposite, look at the sea, the waves, the sky. Life may be sad, but it's always beautiful."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "My name's Ferdinand."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "It's a good thing I don't like spinach, because if I did, I'd eat it, and I can't stand the stuff. It's the same with you, only the other way around. There is a film like that with Michel Simon. He got taken by this girl."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "A little harbor, as in Conrad."
  • (Anna Karina) "A sailboat, as in Robert Louis Stevenson."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "An old brothel, as in Faulkner."
  • (Anna Karina) "A steward-turned-millionaire, as in Jack London."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "With you, its always mixed up."
  • (Anna Karina) "Everything's simple."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Too much at once."
  • (Anna Karina) "No."
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "Two men who beat me up, as in Raymond Chandler."
  • (Anna Karina) "And you and me and him, see how simple it is?"
  • (Jean-Paul Belmondo) "I don't see at all."

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