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Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning Quotes

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning completed its run in 1970.

It features Steve Hoban, Paula Devonshire, and Grant Harvey as producer, Alex Khaskin in charge of musical score, and Michael Marshall as head of cinematography.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Emily Perkins as Brigitte, Katharine Isabelle as Ginger, Nathaniel Arcand as The Hunter, Tom McCamus as Wallace Rowlands, Hugh Dillon as Reverend Gilbert, J. R. Bourne as James, David La Haye as Claude, Adrien Dorval as Seamus, and Matthew Walker as Doc Murphy.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning Quotes

Emily Perkins as Brigitte

  • (Emily Perkins) "Where are we going to go?"
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Same place we always go. Away."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Ginger, I'm cold."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "I'm not."
  • (Emily Perkins) "The Indians say the curse began in the time of the Ancients and was passed down through the blood of generations. There are legends of the Wendigo and the coming of the Red and the Black. Legends of the Day of Reckoning, when Death would consume the land, and good would face evil; of the day the curse would be broken forever; or grow stronger, and live on to plague generations to come. But ours was a story of survival; of two sisters bound by blood. A bond that would not be broken. That was our promise above all: above men, above God, above Fate. It was in our blood: together forever."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Our parents drowned?"
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Yes, but they didn't feel any pain. It was quite peaceful."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Is a dead boy's room the only one they've got?"
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "It's better than sleeping out in the woods with a tree root for a pillow."
  • (Emily Perkins) "We've slept there before."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Together forever?"
  • (Emily Perkins) "Together forever."
  • (Emily Perkins) "I'm so cold."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Me too."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Ginger, I think we've lost our way."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "We haven't lost anything, Brigitte. It's lost us."
  • (Emily Perkins) "And what if I don't? What if I don't kill her?"
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "She dies by your hands, or you die by hers. And the land suffers forever, as foretold."
  • (Emily Perkins) "I just want my sister back."
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "You saw this knife. I know you saw it."
  • (Emily Perkins) "I killed Ginger with it."
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "This is the only way. You have no choice. It is your path. Do not fear death."
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "We'll go to the fort and wait for her. She will come for you there."
  • (Emily Perkins) "I'm not alone, I'm counting."

Katharine Isabelle as Ginger

  • (Katharine Isabelle) "I was wrong to leave you, Brigitte."
  • (Emily Perkins) "But you came back."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Hmm, what a lovely shade of dead."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "What is everyone so afraid of?"
  • (Matthew Walker) "Didn't you see them, out there in the woods?"
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "We saw nothing."
  • (Matthew Walker) "Not to worry, girl. Because they saw you."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Welcome to civilization."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "The air is bloody --"
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "You are all I have, I will not kill you."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "I've come for my sister."
  • (J. R. Bourne) "I'm sorry to tell you, but the Reverend has taken a real fancy to saving her from Hellfire. So I guess that leaves me and you, more or less, to ourselves."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Right then."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "A bond that would not be broken. Above men, above God, above fate. Together forever."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "Welcome to civilization."

Matthew Walker as Doc Murphy

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Hugh Dillon as Reverend Gilbert

  • (Hugh Dillon) "This plague has come because of your love of your savage wife. It is your sin that has brought the Devil upon us."
  • (Tom McCamus) "My sin is something you can only dream about."
  • (Hugh Dillon) "Good Christian women need fear nothing."
  • (Katharine Isabelle) "We're not afraid."
  • (Hugh Dillon) "Oh yes you are. Two months, this Fort has been in the devil's grip, and you two little girls walk right through our door."
  • (Emily Perkins) "What is that?"
  • (Hugh Dillon) "Demons. The Devil's wickedness."
  • (Hugh Dillon) "This place is to be drowned, like a newborn deformity. To be cut out, like a bleeding cancer. To be cast into hell like a stinking whore."
  • (Hugh Dillon) "Don't forget to say your prayers, ladies."

Nathaniel Arcand as The Hunter

  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "I saw myself die. I'd give my life to save you, so that you can kill her."
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "It is believed amongst our people that those who lived, always live. Do not fear death."
  • (Nathaniel Arcand) "She has to die by your hand."

Tom McCamus as Wallace Rowlands

  • (Tom McCamus) "Geoffrey bit her, didn't he? She's turning."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Yes."
  • (Tom McCamus) "Then it's too late."
  • (Emily Perkins) "Is it too late for your son? I'll tell them about Geoffrey, I swear it. They kill my sister, they kill your son."

David La Haye as Claude

  • (David La Haye) "When we were boys in France, my grandfather told my brother and I if we look out for it, man transform into wolf. On the full moon it preyed on the shepherds and travelers near his village. The old man warned us, "Beware its bite, or we might become a slave to the full moon, too." It gave me bad dreams. But my brother said, "Don't worry, Claude. If it bites you, you won't become one. Because I will help you catch it, so you can kill it before you turn, and the spell will be broken.""
  • (David La Haye) "It was a long time ago, and we were just little boys."
  • (David La Haye) "I'm sure I'm going to hell for this, but shut your holy f***ing mouth."

Adrien Dorval as Seamus

  • (Adrien Dorval) "Scripture has twisted that man deadly. And you -- you watch it. He's fixing on you."

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