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Funny Quotes From Space Chimps

Space Chimps is a comedy animation film released in 2008. It was rarely advertised and when it was, not much was said about the actual film other than these were some furry animals being thrown into outer space. We could have only assumed that it was about some historical thing with NASA. Of course, we were close.

Chimps...in space! Yeah! Sounds like a great movie, right? And it is. The film wasn't advertised all that much before it came out, but it is definitely of quality. Below are some funny quotes from Space Chimps.

Titan: Are you in alumimum clothes?
Ham III: Yes.
Titan: Are you in a rocket?
Ham III: Yes
Titan: In outer space?
Ham III: Yes.
Titan: Are you David Bowie?
Ham III: Uh... no.
Titan: Commander's log, space... the final frontier.
Ham: Permission to speak commander.
Titan: Permission granter.
Ham: You're a dork!
Dr. Smothers: He seems very excited to go!
Ham: [flies into the glass] Good glass!
Titan: *sings* I am Titan. I am strong.
Ham: *sings* No one wants to sing along. *throws banana*
[Titan slips on banana peel]
Ham: Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahem. OK got that outta my system. Wait. Not quite yet! AHHHHH!
Ham: Where's reverse on this thing!
[Ham randomly pokes buttons]
Operator: Welcome to nStar. How may I help you?
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