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Funny Quotes From Swing Vote

Swing Vote is a film about the U.S. Presidential Election. In this movie, the final vote is decided by one single man. It is a comedy-drama, even though it might not sound like it at first. Of course, the politicians and special interest folks go out of their way to try to get this one man to vote for them. It doesn't entirely make much sense, but you'll just have to watch the movie to find out exactly why and how.

Anyway, below are some funny quotes from Swing Vote.

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Bud Johnson: What kind of kid would rather sit in a crummy classroom than be out here.
Molly Johnson: What kind of father goes fishing when he should be looking for a new job.
Bud Johnson: Fine.
Molly Johnson: Fine.
Molly Johnson: Don't forget today.
Bud Johnson: What's today?
Molly Johnson: Election day, dummy.
Bud Johnson: Well I'm not even registered.
Molly Johnson: I registered for you in the mail.
Bud Johnson: Well that's just great. I can get jury duty now.
Molly Johnson: I read about you in the paper. They said you'd do anything to win, even if it meant selling your mother's soul.
Martin Fox: If you met my mother you'd understand.
John Sweeney: This is OJ big.... bigger!
Bud Johnson: I know exactly what you mean Andy!
Andrew Boone: Do you?
Bud Johnson: [short silence] Maybe not...