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To One Who Loved not Poetry by Sappho


"To One Who Loved not Poetry" is a poem written by Sappho. This poem is about the death of a loved one who supposedly didn't love poetry. To Sappho, poetry was a way to leave something behind after death. Since the beparted did not write, there is nothing left to read so the person will be forgotten.

This poem consists of only one stanza with four lines.


To One Who Loved not Poetry

Thou liest dead, and there will be no memory left behind
Of thee or thine in all the earth, for never didst thou bind
The roses of Pierian streams upon thy brow; thy doom
Is now to flit with unknown ghosts in cold and nameless gloom.

Translated by Edwin Arnold, 1893

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Literary Movement
7th Century B.C.

Death, Love

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