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Fragment 2, Come Here to Me from Crete by Sappho


"Come Here to Me from Crete" is a poem written by Sappho. This poem is Sappho telling her lover to come to Crete to be with her. She tells her love how great the land is and what she is missing: apple trees, roses lining the fields, horses, and much more. However, we can safely assume that she is really telling her love that she simply misses her and to come be with her.

This poem is made up of four stanzas with four lines in each. This poem is not originally written in English, so it's hard to tell if there was ever a rhyme scheme.


Come Here to Me from Crete

Come here to me from Crete, to your holy temple,
Where your lovely grove of apple stands,
Where the altars smoke with frankincense;

Here cold water sounds through apple branches,
The ground is all carpeted with roses,
Enchanted sleep falls from shimmering leaves;

Here the horse-grazed field
Is lush with spring flowers
And the winds sweetly blow....

Here, Cyprian goddess, you grasp
The golden cup so gracefully,
Pouring like wine the nectar
All-mixed with our rejoicing.

Translated by Peter Saint-Andre

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Literary Movement
7th Century B.C.

Love, Nature, Animal

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