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Funny Quotations from Tom Jones

Tom Jones is a British adventure comedy romance film is about an adopted son of a British country squire and is a lady's man, going from bed to bed and causing mischief all around. The movie starts out in silent movie mode as we are shown the "adoption" of baby Tom Jones by the squire. Even though Tom Jones can have any woman he wants (and often does), he truly loves only one woman. Sadly, since he is branded a bastard child, he cannot marry someone of her standard. Thus, the woman is told she should have someone of a higher standard than Mr. Jones. Of course, the person she is told she should marry is a coldhearted fellow who is nothing like the goodfellow Jones. Directed by Tony Richardson. Starring Albert Finney, Susannah York, and George Devine. Based on the novel "The History of Tom Jones, a Founding" by Henry Fielding.

Tom Jones was a well received film that had a great showing at the box office. It went on to win four Oscar awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. Today, the film is known as one of the greatest British comedy movies of all time and is notted in Hollywood for its unusual comic style and characters breaking the fourth wall (the characters know the camera is there). Continue reading for some hilarious quotes from Tom Jones.

Tom Jones: Sir, I will stand no jesting with this lady's character!
Squire Allworthy: [to Tom, when not expected to recover from a carriage accident] I am convinced, my boy, that you have much goodness, generosity and honor in your nature. If you will add prudence and religion to those, you must be happy.
Tom Jones: It's a good night to be abroad and looking for game.
Lt. Northerton: Better luck in the *next* world, Mr Jones.
Narrator: It is not true that drink alters a man's character. It may reveal it more fully.
Miss Western: You are such a boor. [he misunderstands her comment] Squire Western: A boar? I am no boar!
[Squire Western has drunkenly crashed out on the floor] Miss Western: Rouse yourself from this pastoral torpor, sir!
Narrator: [after Tom celebrates Squire Allworthy's recovery with too much wine] It is widely held that too much wine will dull a man's desire. Indeed it will... in a dull man.
Squire Western: Madam, I despise your politics as much as I do a fart.
Narrator: Heroes, whatever high ideas we may have of them, are mortal and not divine. We are all as God made us, and many of us much worse.
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