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Quotations from The Town

The Town is a crime thriller drama film about the relationship between a robber and a hostage he takes. The film follows Doug MacRay and his three partners as they rob a bank and take the manager, Claire, as hostage. However, they end up releasing the manager without harm when they are free. Doug, though, ends up seeking out Claire to protect her. He thinks that she didn't see anything (she doesn't recognize him), but she later tells him that she saw a tatoo of one of the thieves. Directed by Ben Affleck. Starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively, Jeremy Renner, Pete Postlethwaite, and Chris Cooper.

The Town received many positive reviews upon its release and was a great financial success at the box office. The movie went on to be nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar (Renner). This film is one of the many films since the early 2000s which have been created in Boston. Continue reading for The Town quotes.

Doug MacRay: [narrating] Driver's name is Arthur Shea. Former Metro Police officer, fifty-seven years old. Soon as his partner leaves with the coal bag, Artie cracks a Herald, and he don't look up 'til the guy gets back. Marty Maguire. Cummins Armored courier. Five-ten, two-twenty, fifty-two years old. Picks up every Wednesday and Friday at exactly 8:12, makes a hundred and ten dollars a day, carries a Sig nine. And he's about to get robbed.
Doug MacRay: We're fucked if we see a helicopter, we're fucked if we see SWAT. We see a cruiser, stop, take out the engine blocks, keep movin'. No one needs to get hurt.
James Coughlin: Yeah, these guards like to test you, though. They wanna get hurt for ten dollars an hour, don't get in the way.
Krista Coughlin: You gotta chase the rabbit if you want the tail.
Doug MacRay: You following us, Jem? Who were you tailing, me or her?
James Coughlin: I told you. I made the Avalanche.
Doug MacRay: Don't you worry. Everything is under control.
James Coughlin: So, you're trying to get us jammed up?
Doug MacRay: Yeah, I'm trying to jam you up.
Fergus 'Fergie' Colm: You know they either geld a horse with a knife or with chemicals. When your Daddy said "no" to me, I did him the chemical way.
Doug MacRay: Who the fuck do you think you are? You're gonna let me or not let me do shit. Here's a little fucking cheat sheet for you. Its never gonna be me and you and your sister and Shyne playing house up there. You got it? Get that in your fucking head! I'm tired of your fucking one way bullshit. You wanna see me again? You can come visit me down in Florida.
Doug MacRay: What are you, a trigger man now?
Doug MacRay: I will see you; this side or the other.
James Coughlin: You grew up right here! Same rules that I did.
FBI S.A. Adam Frawley: We're giving 30 seconds to surrender Coughlin. Come out with your hands up.
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