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Funny Quotations from Leprechaun 3

Leprechaun 3 is a fantasy horror-comedy about a statue wearing a medallion. When the medallion is touched or removed, it comes to life. We find out that the statue was actually a prison for the Leprechaun, who then seeks out his gold coins after being freed. Along the way, the Leprechaun causes havoc across the city by killing everything in his path. This is the third film of the Leprechaun franchise. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Starring Warwick Davis, John Gatins, Lee Armstrong, and Marcelo Tubert.

Leprechaun 3, like the entire franchise, is humorous and scary at the same time. All right, it's more hilarious than anything else, but that's why we love it so much. Read some quotes from this fantastic movie below.

Leprechaun: Ahhh... lovely golden palaces completely full of riches. I'll rip 'em off and rob 'em blind, those dirty sons of bitches.
Leprechaun: Now that was quite a load to have to explode. What a lovely lass, I had to blow up your ass but now I must hit the road!
Leprechaun: For pulling this trick, I'll chop off your dick!
Tony: Look sharp, be sharp.
Art: No, tell him the other thing. The threat thing.
Tony: Oh. You pay Arthur the money you owe him or I will kill you.
Mitch: What are you, tough guys? I got hemorrhoids tougher than you.
Doctor: Now listen to me! This may mean the difference between living and dying. Do you have health insurance?
Scott: Do ya take Green Cross?
Mitch: Ladies and gentlemen, due to a slight solicrivilance in the stem of the wheel, the situation is thus - this table is now closed.
Lucky: He's a good luck charm.
Gupta: Yes, I can see it's working very well.
Leprechaun: Mmm, I like Indian food. So spicy!
Fazio: You want magic? Bend over. I'll pull a rabbit out of your ass.
Loretta: Who the hell are you?
Leprechaun: I'm a leprechaun me lass, and I'm gonna make you pay.
Loretta: What do you want?
Leprechaun: Your boobs are big. Your butt is small. But still you're in for quite a fall.
Loretta: What are you talking about?
Leprechaun: Oh, well didn't you hear? Bigger is good, but jumbo is dear. I'll give ya boobs that'll come out to here.
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