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Funny Quotations from Leprechaun

Leprechaun is a comedy horror film about a little Leprechaun man who came to the United States by stowing away in a suitcase after having his pot of gold stolen. The evil Leprechaun then goes on a killing spree. This is the first movie of the Leprechaun franchise which includes six total films. Directed by Mark Jones. Starring Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, and Mark Holton.

Leprechaun is a fantastic film, great for Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and even Friday the 13th. Its mix of horror and comedy is just right and make this one of the best films to watch whenever wanting something a little scary. Read some hilarious quotes from teh film below.

Tory: That thing is a Leprechaun and we've gotta find a way to stop it!
Leprechaun: Little girls shouldn't look for four leaf clovers.
Leprechaun: Where's ME gold?
Ozzie: I think someone broke into the house.
Alex: No shit, Sherlock.
Leprechaun: Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won't live through the night.
Deputy Tripet: Say, aren't we a little young to be out this late?
Leprechaun: No, I'm 600 years old.
Daniel O'Grady: Burn in hell, you little green bastard!
Ozzie: Help. Help. It's happening. The attack is on. O'Grady farm. Uh, send help. The leprechaun is attacking. Army, navy, guns, marines, and we're gunna need some medicine.
Ozzie: Oh no, I just swallowed the old coin!
Alex: Nice going Jaws.
Leprechaun: I'll not rest till I have me gold. Curse this well that me soul shall dwell, till I find me magic that breaks me spell.
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