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Funny Quotations from Bolt

Bolt is an animated adventure comedy about a dog in a science-fiction series. The dog, however, believes he truly does have the powers given to him by the studio. He goes across country to attempt to save his co-star and learning about his real life and his true powers. Directed by Byron Howard and Chris Williams. Starring John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, and Susie Essman.

Read quotes from this great family comedy, Bolt.

Rhino: [from trailer] There's a guard, I'll snap his neck.
Bolt: [Bolt and Rhino have gone searching for Mittens in an Animal Shelter. Bolt locates her in a cage in the back] Mittens?
Mittens: [turns around] Bolt? Wh... Wha, what are you doing here?
Bolt: I'm busting you out.
Mittens: You - You came all the way back here... for me?
Bolt: Yeah.
Mittens: But how'd you...? I mean... You don't have any superpowers!
Bolt: I know.
Mittens: Really?
Bolt: Yeah.
Mittens: Wow. Crazy day for ya, huh?
Bolt: It's been a lot, yes, it has.
[pauses, looks up]
Bolt: Are you ready for this?
Mittens: No.
Bolt: Me neither.
[opens her cage]
Rhino: Bolt! I can be a valuable addition to your team...
Bolt: I'm listening...
Rhino: I'm lightning quick; I have razor-sharp reflexes. Wha! And I'm a master of stealth.
Rhino: Plus, I'll keep the cat in check.
[Mittens rolls her eyes]
Bolt: [Gets down close to Rhino's ball] The road'll be rough.
Rhino: [indicates] I have a ball.
Bolt: There's no turnin' back.
Rhino: Guess I'll have to "roll" with the punches!
["surfs" his ball]
Bolt: Easy won't be part of the equation...
Rhino: Promise!
Bolt: I gotta warn ya, going into the belly of the beast - danger at every turn.
Rhino: [getting closer] I eat danger for breakfast!
Bolt: You hungry?
Rhino: [cracks neck] Starving!
Rhino: [From Trailer] I'll go snap his neck.
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