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Funny Quotations from Bride Wars

Bride Wars is a romantic comedy about two best friends who become rivals after they schedule each of their weddings on the same day. They attempt to hold their wedding first, have the best wedding, and simply outdo each other as much as possible. It makes for great romance and great comedy at the same time. Directed by Gary Winick. Starring Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Candice Bergen.

Below you may read quotes from the funny film, Bride Wars.

Emma: Your wedding will be huge, just like your ass at prom.
Liv: We're going to be each others made's of honor.
Marion St. Claire: I have three openings at the Plaza. Two the sixth, one the twenty-seventh.
Liv: Oh! My parents anniversary is the sixth. That's so meant to be.
Emma: And I'll take the twenty-seventh.
Marion St. Claire: You want to discuss this with the grooms?
Liv and Emma: No.
Marion: Your wedding dates have been booked on the same day. Which one of you want to choose another venue?
Liv and Emma: What?!?
Liv: One of us will just have to get married on a different day.
Emma: One of us will just have to be flexable.
Liv: One of us can just look at different venues.
Emma: One of us could.
Liv: Your wedding better watch it. If I were your wedding, I would be sleeping with one eye open.
Liv: Your wedding can suck it.
Emma: [after getting her hair dyed] My hair's blue! It's blue!
Liv: If I were your wedding, I'd be sleeping with one eye open...
Daniel: They haven't spoken in a week. That's like a century in girl years.
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