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Funny Quotations from Bad Santa

Bad Santa is one of those Christmas movies you either love or hate. Of course, I think most Billy Bob Thornton films are often seen that way. You'll be able to find this film playing on a cable channel, though. It is a cult favorite. The movie is directed by Terry Zwigoff and stars Billy Bob Thornton as the "Bad Santa" and Bernie Mac as Gin.

The following are some humorous quotes from the movie.

Watching Boy: [stares at Willie] I saw you at another mall.
Willie: Well, I'm happy for you.
Watching Boy: If you really are Santa, you could do magic.
Willie: [whispers] Wanna see some magic? OK, let's watch you disappear!
[shoves him away]
Gin: Sweet Jews for Jesus!
Kid: It's a wooden pickle.
Bob Chipeska: I just can't help it. There's something about the guy that makes me uneasy.
Marcus: Oh, my. What a darling photo. Are you certain you only want this single? Additional photos come in handy as gifts for grandma and grandpa, or as a wonderful remembrance for friends.
[photo of Santa looking down and young girl looking away]
Milwaukee Mom with Photo: Gee, you know what? This one, I think it's more than enough. Thanks. Merry Christmas...
Gin: [after seeing a kid has placed a game in his pants] What's this?
Shoplifter: I was going to pay for it.
Gin: Wrong answer.
Kid: OW... OW... OW... I cut my hand, by mistake OW... OW... OW...
Kid: Your beard's not real.
Willie: No Shit!It was real, but I got sick and all the hair fell out.
Kid: How come?
Willie: I loved a woman who wasn't clean.
Kid: Mrs. Santa?
Willie: No it was her sister.
Kid: Candy corn?
Willie: Well they all can't be winners!
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