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Quotations from Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous is an action crime thriller film that follows the story of a hitman in Bangkok who is suppose to pull of a series of jobs which violate his personal codes. Along the way he falls in love with one of the locals and ends up bonding with his very own errand boy. Directed by Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang. Starring Nicolas Cage, Charlie Yeung, and Shahkrit Yamnarm.

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Joe: My job takes me to a lot of places. I sleep alone. I eat alone. I'd like to meet someone, but it's tough when you live out of a suitcase. My name is Joe. This is what I do.
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Fon's father: What is your work?
Joe: Oh, uh banking.
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Joe: We had an arrangement. Political assassination wasn't in the contract.
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Customs agent: What is your reason for visit to Bangkok, Joe: Holiday.
Joe: I was taught four rules...
Joe: One: Don't ask questions. There is no such thing as right and wrong.
Joe: Two: Don't take an interest in people outside of work. There is no such thing as trust.
Joe: Three: Erase every trace. Come anonymous and leave nothing behind.
Joe: Four: Know when to get out. Just thinking about it means it's time. Before you lose your edge, before you become a target.
Joe: Where there's money, there's competition and the guy paying me usually wins.
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