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Wild in the Streets Quotes

Wild in the Streets is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Wild in the Streets completed its run in 1970.

It features Samuel Z. Arkoff as producer, Les Baxter in charge of musical score, and Richard Moore (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Wild in the Streets is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Wild in the Streets is 97 min. long. Wild in the Streets is distributed by American International Pictures.

The cast includes: Diane Varsi as Boy, Diane Varsi as Sally Leroy, Richard Pryor as Stanley X, May Ishihara as Fuji Elly, Michael Margotta as Mary Fergus, and Kevin Coughlin as Billy Cage.

Wild in the Streets Quotes

Diane Varsi as Sally Leroy

  • (Diane Varsi) "We're gonna put everyone over 10 out of business."
  • (Diane Varsi) "America's greatest contribution has been to teach the world that getting old is such a drag."

Richard Pryor as Stanley X

  • (Richard Pryor) "They let th' OLD FOLKS in th' OLD FOLKS HOME vote."

Michael Margotta as Mary Fergus

  • (Michael Margotta) "Oh my GOD."
  • (Diane Varsi) "It's only tiger's milk."

Kevin Coughlin as Billy Cage

  • (Max Jacob Flatow Jr alias Frost) "How long you think you're gonna live?"
  • (Kevin Coughlin) "Thirty, man."
  • (Max Jacob Flatow Jr alias Frost) "Thirty?"
  • (Kevin Coughlin) "Twenty-five maybe. After that who needs it, huh?"
  • (Max Jacob Flatow Jr alias Frost) "Yeah. I don't want to live to be thirty. Thirty is death, baby. That's too much."

May Ishihara as Fuji Elly

  • (May Ishihara) "Hey. How often can you do it at eighty?"
  • (Max Jacob Flatow Jr alias Frost) "Whatever Papa can do, Baby Boy can do it more times, better."

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