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Time to Kill (1942 film) Quotes

Time to Kill (1942 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Time to Kill completed its run in 1970.

It features Sol M. Wurtzel as producer, Emil Newman in charge of musical score, and Charles G. Clarke as head of cinematography.

Time to Kill (1942 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Time to Kill (1942 film) is 61 mins. long. Time to Kill (1942 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Ethel Griffies as Mrs. Murdock, Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne, Lester Sharpe as Elisha Washburn, Richard Lane as Lt. Breeze, Doris Merrick as Linda Conquest Murdock, James Seay as Leslie Murdock, and Morris Ankrum as Alexander Morny.

Time to Kill (1942 film) Quotes

Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne

  • (Lloyd Nolan) "You want what? Oh, references. Well, sure, I'd glad to give you some references. You can call Senator Hugh Oglethorpe; no, no, no, you'd better not. I beat Hughie playing golf yesterday. You can call Sid Dreyfuss. Mm-hmm. That's Judge Sidney Dreyfuss, yeah; the State Supreme Court. Oh, that reminds me; I'm supposed to have dinner with him tonight. Pardon me while I make a note of that, will you?"
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Oh, by the way, what did she look like?"
  • (Lester Sharpe) "She?"
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Well, all right then. What did he look like?"
  • (Lester Sharpe) "Oh, you mean the party that sold me the doubloon?"
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Yeah."
  • (Lester Sharpe) "Well, let me see -- He was middle-aged, heavy set, about 5'7", weighing about 175 pounds. He wore a blue suit, black shoes, green tie and brown-bordered handkerchief. His hair was gray. There was a mole on his nose and a long scar --"
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "What about that hole in his right sock?"
  • (Lester Sharpe) "I neglected to remove his shoes."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Well, business is really picking up when the worm comes to the early bird."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "So what's worrying you the most?"
  • (Ethel Griffies) "Both. I'm hiring you to get the doubloon back and arrange for a divorce for my son without cost to me."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Suppose she didn't take it?"
  • (Ethel Griffies) "I expect you to prove that she did and I'm asking no questions."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "There you are. All this extra service I throw in free."
  • (Doris Merrick) "You know, you're not a bad brand of trouble, Mike. I'm sorry our friendship has to be so short."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "What do you mean short? As long as I think you have the doubloon, I have to keep an eye on you."
  • (Doris Merrick) "Then you don't believe me?"
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Nope. You see, my mama told me never to trust a beautiful woman any further than I could throw her and I don't know how far that is now."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Is Mrs. Morny in?"
  • (Morny's Houseboy) "She's not home."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Wait a minute. How do you know if you don't ask her?"
  • (Morny's Houseboy) "She already told me."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Say, how long are you going to be in Reno?"
  • (Doris Merrick) "Just six weeks."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "That's swell. I'll give you a ring the moment you get back to town."
  • (Doris Merrick) "You will? I may hold you to that."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "To what?"
  • (Doris Merrick) "I have a first class witness in Lieutenant Breeze that you're going to marry me. Driver, Union Depot, please."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Hey, wait a minute. You can't do that to me --. Or can she?"

Ethel Griffies as Mrs. Murdock

  • (Ethel Griffies) "When I say 10 o'clock, I don't mean 9:50, not 9:59, I mean 10 o'clock."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Well, Mrs. Murdoch, you know what the book says about the early bird."
  • (Ethel Griffies) "There are no worms here."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Well, you can't tell what you're liable to find in an old barn like this."
  • (Ethel Griffies) "Oh, you're not quite what I expected, Mr. Shayne."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "Well, what did you expect; top hat, striped trousers and cutaway?"
  • (Ethel Griffies) "Hardly; something fat and exported with dirty fingernails chewing on a filthy cigar butt and with its hat on its head."

James Seay as Leslie Murdock

  • (James Seay) "Well, I see the slaughter has started already. Sorry I'm late."
  • (Morris Ankrum) "You're too early to suit me. Get out and stay out."
  • (James Seay) "I was under the impression that your trap was open to the public."
  • (Morris Ankrum) "It's not open to rats."

Richard Lane as Lt. Breeze

  • (Richard Lane) "And don't leave town. We want a statement."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "You can have the one the bank sent me. You'll get a great laugh out of that."
  • (Richard Lane) "All right. Come on, Shayne, I'm anxious to hear all about it."
  • (Lloyd Nolan) "You better take a look in there."
  • (Richard Lane) "Oh yeah? Sight unseen, I'll lay odds somebody's dead."

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