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The Way of the Gun Quotes

The Way of the Gun is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Way of the Gun completed its run in 1970.

It features Kenneth Kokin as producer, Joe Kraemer (composer) in charge of musical score, and Dick Pope (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Way of the Gun is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Way of the Gun is 119 minutes long. The Way of the Gun is distributed by Artisan Entertainment.

The cast includes: Benicio del Toro as Longbaugh, Ryan Phillippe as Parker, Sarah Silverman as Raving Bitch, James Caan as Joe Sarno, Scott Wilson as Hale Chidduck, Kristin Lehman as Francesca Chidduck, Taye Diggs as Jeffers, Nicky Katt as Obecks, Geoffrey Lewis as Abner Mercer, and Juliette Lewis as Robin.

The Way of the Gun Quotes

Ryan Phillippe as Parker

  • (Ryan Phillippe) "You take Los Angeles. Kay. If I say Los Angeles has become, over the years, a mecca for homosexual migration. I am in the right. But look at what I am saying. I am making it sound like faggots are nomadic if not predatory miscreants who have some implied need to move around. I am also likening of the Muslims, or Muslims to them. Whereas saying LA is filled with faggots is just being honest."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "We're not talking about how long you're gonna live, we're talking about how slow you're gonna die."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Need is the ultimate monkey."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "We don't want your forgiveness. We won't make excuses. We're not gonna blame you, even if you are an accessory -- But we will not except your natural order. We didn't come for absolution, we didn't ask to be redeemed. But isn't how it is, every goddamn time -- Your prayers are always answered, in the order they're received --"
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Then I heard him praying, now I lay me down to sleep I pray to the lord my soul to keep -- and you know something it stayed with me.it bothered me. Of all the people I'd done it too, and that had to be the one I felt and to this day I can't go to sleep unless I say that prayer."
  • (Interviewer) "Heterosexual?"
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Can I ask you something? Are you a faggot? See, you asked me if I was heterosexual; I asked you the same question, only I was clear about the answer I was looking for."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "It's not what you say anymore. It's how you say it."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "For the record I'll call myself Mr. Parker. My associate will be Mr. Longbaugh."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "There is a natural order. The way things are meant to be. An order that says that the good guys always win. That you die when it's your time, or you have it coming. That the ending is always happy, if only for someone else. Now at some point it became clear to us that our path had been chosen and we had nothing to offer the world. Our options narrowing down to petty crime or minimum wage. So, we stepped off the path, and went looking for the fortune that we knew was looking for us. Once off the path you do what you can to eat and to keep moving. You don't blow your ghost of a chance with nickel and dime. No possessions, no comforts. Need is the ultimate monkey. A pint of your blood can fetch you fifty bucks. A shot of cum, three grand. You keep your life simple and you can literally self sustain."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Don't you think it's funny that if I grab a woman's ass and she punches me, she's fighting for her rights, but if a faggot grabs my ass and I punch his lights out, I'm a homophobe?"
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Can't you people see there are guns here? Get, the fuck, OUT. GET OUT."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "The longest distance between two points is a kidnapper and his money."

James Caan as Joe Sarno

  • (James Caan) "So, you the brains of this outfit, or is he?"
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Tell ya the truth, I don't think this is a brains kind of operation."
  • (James Caan) "I don't think. Neither do I speculate, assume or hypothesise."
  • (James Caan) "Fifteen million dollars is not money. It's a motive with a universal adaptor on it."
  • (James Caan) "I promise you a day of reckoning that you won't live long enough to never forget."

Sarah Silverman as Raving Bitch

  • (Bar Patron) "Hey, hey. Yeah you, get up. What are you retarded? Get off the fucking car."
  • (Sarah Silverman) "Hey dickless, get off the fucking car. Hey fucksuck, get your slippery fucking ass off the car. Listen to me, get off the fucking car with your fucking ass."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "Shut that cunts mouth or I'll come over there and fuckstart her head."
  • (Sarah Silverman) "You're gonna wish you never fucking got up this fucking morning asshole, because my boyfriend's gonna fuck you up. And then after that while he's fucking up your fucking gay uncle over there I'm gonna fucking cut off your cock and mail it to your mother, you fucking faggot bitch. You gaylord fucking bitch. How do you like that? You like that a lot you fucking faggot? You like to ass fuck? Fontanella fucking babyheads."
  • (Bar Patron) "Go ahead."
  • (Sarah Silverman) "You like to fuck babyheads? You like to fuck boys? He's gonna fuck you in the ass, how do you like that? He's not even gay but he'll do it just to fuck --"
  • (Bar Patron) "Honey honey. She's got a big mouth but she's not kidding. I'm gonna whip you silly and I'm gonna fuck you stupid. You wanna do the man dance? First dance is yours."

Juliette Lewis as Robin

  • (Juliette Lewis) "When you think about deaf people, people who are born deaf -- who've never heard a spoken word. What do you think they call the sun or their mother -- or their own reflection in the mirror? That's what I call it."

Benicio del Toro as Longbaugh

  • (Benicio del Toro) "There's always free cheese in a mousetrap."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "A heart is the only thing that has value. If you have one, get rid of it."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Why's that such a big deal?"
  • (Interviewer) "Because no one brings up sex with dead people."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "'Course they don't, it's sick."
  • (Interviewer) "You brought it up."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Only to say I never did it."
  • (Interviewer) "I didn't ask you that."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "You should."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "We die here, we die alone"
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Wanna get out now? Wanna quit? This is never gonna come your way again."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Until that day then?"
  • (James Caan) "Until that day."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "I've -- never killed a man."
  • (Interviewer) "I beg your pardon?"
  • (Benicio del Toro) "I said I never killed a man."
  • (Interviewer) "I didn't ask if you had."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "You asked why I thought I was qualified, I think of that as qualification."
  • (Interviewer) "And I'm just wondering why that in particular strikes you as an important qualification for semen donation."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "I would say thats a big fucking qualification; excuse me, a very important qualification."
  • (Interviewer) "No one's ever said that before."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Have you ever asked?"
  • (Interviewer) "No."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "You should."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "You have too much faith in people."
  • (Ryan Phillippe) "How can you kidnap somebody without it?"

Scott Wilson as Hale Chidduck

  • (Scott Wilson) "A woman needs security like a man needs approval."
  • (Scott Wilson) "Do you believe in karma?"
  • (James Caan) "Karma's justice without the satisfaction. I don't believe in justice."
  • (Scott Wilson) "I'd never ask you to trust me. It's the cry of a guilty soul."

Kristin Lehman as Francesca Chidduck

  • (Kristin Lehman) "I'm pregnant."

Taye Diggs as Jeffers

  • (Taye Diggs) "What?"
  • (Nicky Katt) "Well, I'm just talking here -- but by their design, all we really need to come back with is the baby -- think about it -- no money, no perps, no nothing. We could kill these two fucks, take the money, bring Chidduck his baby, and say it all went well."
  • (Taye Diggs) "Well -- mostly well."
  • (Nicky Katt) "What? The girl?"
  • (Taye Diggs) "Yeah."
  • (Nicky Katt) "Well when she doesn't show up in a couple of months, it'll be assumed she ate a bullet and they made off for fucking Bolivia -- damn it -- it doesn't work. The doc --"
  • (Taye Diggs) "The doctor gets shot in the fray --"
  • (Nicky Katt) "Right --"
  • (Taye Diggs) "We tried to help him, but it was either him or the baby. He was alive when we took off, and must have died crawling for help in the desert."
  • (Nicky Katt) "Creative articulation my good man."
  • (Taye Diggs) "Just talking of course --"
  • (Nicky Katt) "Sure."

Geoffrey Lewis as Abner Mercer

  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "She's -- she's up there with them -- with the doctor and the colored fella. Oh, Jesus. I'm sorry, Joe."
  • (James Caan) "There's no, uh -- need to be sorry, Abner."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I'm dyin'."
  • (James Caan) "We'll get somebody right away."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "No. It's not -- not like I'm scared or anything."
  • (James Caan) "Listen, Abner --"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I'm dyin', Joe."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) ". Remember that time, the time -- that we -- aw, jeez."
  • (James Caan) "What time?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I'm dyin', Joe."
  • (James Caan) "I'm sorry, Abner."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Joe?"
  • (James Caan) "Yeah, Abner. I'm right here."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "If it's not too much trouble, I'd kind of like to be alone."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "."
  • (James Caan) ". To 'let live.'"

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