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The Messenger (2009 film) Quotes

The Messenger (2009 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Messenger stopped airing in 1970.

It features Mark Gordon as producer, Nathan Larson in charge of musical score, and Bobby Bukowski as head of cinematography.

The Messenger (2009 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Messenger (2009 film) is 113 minutes long. The Messenger (2009 film) is distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories.

The cast includes: Steve Buscemi as Dale Martin, Samantha Morton as Olivia Pitterson, and Michael Chernus as Alan.

The Messenger (2009 film) Quotes

Michael Chernus as Alan

  • (Michael Chernus) "What happened to you guys?"
  • (Captain Tony Stone) "Oh, I wouldn't worry, we do all our own stunts."

Samantha Morton as Olivia Pitterson

  • (Samantha Morton) "Did you ever loose anybody?"
  • (Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery) "Yeah. Friends, over there. My father, during peace time, drunk driver."
  • (Samantha Morton) "Did they catch him?"
  • (Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery) "No, my father was the drunk driver."
  • (Samantha Morton) "Why don't you come inside. You can give me your address, and I'll write you a letter."
  • (Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery) "I'd like that."

Steve Buscemi as Dale Martin

  • (Steve Buscemi) "Look at that tree. Look at that fucking tree. The same age as my son."

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