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The Bat (1959 film) Quotes

The Bat (1959 film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Bat ended in 1970.

It features C. J. Tevlin as producer, Louis Forbes in charge of musical score, and Joseph F. Biroc as head of cinematography.

The Bat (1959 film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Bat (1959 film) is 80 minutes long. The Bat (1959 film) is distributed by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation.

The cast includes: Vincent Price as Dr. Malcolm Wells, Gavin Gordon as Lt. Andy Anderson, Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia van Gorder, Lenita Lane as Lizzie Allen, Harvey Stephens as John Fleming, Darla Hood as Judy Hollander, and Elaine Edwards as Dale Bailey.

The Bat (1959 film) Quotes

Darla Hood as Judy Hollander

  • (Darla Hood) "I don't think I'll sleep tonight."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "Me either."
  • (Darla Hood) "All I can see is poor Mark Fleming just staring at us -- I thought that when people died, their eyes closed, is in sleep."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "Don't think about it."
  • (Darla Hood) "I'll bet you're thinking about it."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "No, I was thinking of my husband sleeping in jail tonight. Oh Judy I love him so much."
  • (Darla Hood) "What's that noise?"
  • (Elaine Edwards) "I don't know, I kind of fell half asleep, for a moment I thought it was something from a dream."
  • (Darla Hood) "It's somewhere in the house."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "Yes on a floor above, not directly over us, probably in a room overlooking the driveway."
  • (Darla Hood) "Should we call Miss Van Gorder?"
  • (Elaine Edwards) "She'll hear it, how can she help but hear it? Besides, we don't want her to think we're a couple of hysterical women."
  • (Darla Hood) "Well I'm about to become one, I've about had it for one night. Dale you're not going out in that hall."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "I want to find out what's happening up there."
  • (Darla Hood) "But Lt. Anderson said if we stayed behind our locked doors we'd be safe."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "Vick isn't safe locked up in that jail. Perhaps that stolen money is in this house, Mark Fleming seemed to think it was. Maybe that's what somebody's looking for."

Gavin Gordon as Lt. Andy Anderson

  • (Gavin Gordon) "What about your new butler?"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Well he's in his room I suppose --"
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Oh Mrs. Patterson."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes?"
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Do you know what happened here tonight?"
  • (Unnamed) "No sir but I heard the screams, I went to call Warner, we both have rooms on the same floor, but he wasn't in his room. His bed hasn't been slept in."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "If Mrs. Matterson could hear those screams, Warner could certainly hear them."
  • (Unnamed) "You're quite right, sir, I heard them."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Oh you did, and where were you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Outside on the grounds."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Miss Holland has been murdered."
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Oh, so you're surprised, shocked -- well I've seen better performances -- I remember you now, your name's not Warner, I've got it circled in my office with your picture on it. The Chicago police not so long ago were hunting for you in connection with the robbery."
  • (Unnamed) "You're right again, sir, they found me and they tried me and I proved my innocence and I was acquitted."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "That could've been a lucky break. WHERE were you when this child was killed?"
  • (Unnamed) "I was following you. I saw you leaving the house, it seemed you were hunting someone and I thought that you might need some help"
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Oh"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh yes sir, I followed your flashlight down through the trees -- then it disappeared. And suddenly as I was staring out into the darkness, I was struck by something on the back of the head. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground, I realized I'd been knocked out."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "I wish you had been knocked out, but then we found you with your mask still on your face. You went here in this house, with this poker you were rushing down those stairs after that child --"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh no sir. You can't pin this on me, I'm not the Bat. I've never killed. I couldn't kill. I won't take the rap for this."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "The Bat."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Yes the Bat, he caught her at the head of the stairs. We saw him rushing down the stairs as we came out of our rooms. I hurled that"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "at him, I hit him I believe. 'I'm going to cover this place from attic to basement' you said, well what were you covering out there while that poor child was murdered, where were you?"
  • (Gavin Gordon) "I saw a man outside on the grounds. I went out and hunted him, I hunted him among the trees so far as the brook down near the back road, then I lost him. After that I'd give my own life than let this happen to Judy, but I told you to stay in your rooms and lock your doors and stay there. What was she doing at the head of those stairs?"
  • (Elaine Edwards) "That was my fault."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "They heard a strange noise, heavy pounding in one of the rooms on the third floor, we all heard it."
  • (Elaine Edwards) "I wanted to see what it was, but Judy, she wouldn't let me go out there by myself,"
  • (Elaine Edwards) "I made her stay on the balcony."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "What about your new butler?"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Oh he's in his room I suppose."

Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia van Gorder

  • (Police chief) "A police car is outside your house and an officer has reported that there's no sign of a prowler anywhere on the grounds."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Well the man's inside now, he's in the hall just outside my bedroom. Have your men break through the kitchen door and search this place from top to bottom."
  • (Police chief) "Allright Miss Van Gorder, sit tightly."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "I will, I have a gun, and I know how to use it."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Surely you don't think he's --"
  • (Gavin Gordon) "Warner and I have met before, I can't recall where or when, but I will."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Relax, relax Lizzie the police did a good job, they couldn't find anybody in here."
  • (Lenita Lane) "But we both saw him, Miss Cornelia."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Allright, allright, so he got away, but there are men on guard outside, so just try to get some rest, there's nothing that can get us in here."
  • (Lenita Lane) "Hmm --"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Can't you see that fire was setting us out of the house?"
  • (Unnamed) "Out of the hou -- are you talking about the--"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Yes, yes, I'm talking about the Bat. Now that the lights are out, he'll think his trick has worked, and we've gone, here'll be here in a minute."
  • (Unnamed) "So will Lieutenant Anderson."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "I hope so but the Bat will be here first, and he'll KILL AGAIN if we get in his way -- we've got to be as clever as he is."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Nothing should get us now, I think, this door seems good and solid."
  • (Lenita Lane) "Like the door to a tomb."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "This is the Oaks, a house in the country which I've rented for the summer. As an author I write tales of mystery and murder, but the things that have happened in this house are far more fantastic than any book I've ever had published."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Mr. Fleming will be laid to rest in his family's tomb on Monday."
  • (Lenita Lane) "And I hope he stays there."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Well why shouldn't he?"
  • (Lenita Lane) "This is his house, and ever since he died, some funny things have happened here."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "For instance?"
  • (Lenita Lane) "The housekeeper, the cook and the butler said that they heard strange noises at night, and the upstairs maid swore she met a man without a face coming up the back stairs."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Oh so that's why they quit and left me to run this place without a staff."
  • (Lenita Lane) "They didn't tell you, Miss Gordy, but the truth is they were scared to stay."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "But you're still here, Lizzie. Haven't you seen anything?"
  • (Lenita Lane) "No -- no and even if I had, I ain't afraid of ghosts. They're afraid of me. Honest, Miss Gordy, a spiritualist once told me that ghosts was allergic to me."
  • (Lenita Lane) "But, but this bat fella they keep talking about in the paper; I; I think he'd be different."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "No, I don't think you'd have the same effect on him."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Oh dear."
  • (Lenita Lane) "What are they trying to do, drive people away from this part of the country?"
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "Why? What does it say about the Bat?"
  • (Lenita Lane) "His specialty seems to be killing women, my goodness, two of them in one night, all his victims died the same way, like their throats had been ripped open with steel claws."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "That's charming, I'll have to try it some time."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "In a book."

Lenita Lane as Lizzie Allen

  • (Lenita Lane) "Hurry will you? It's Lizzie --"
  • (Lenita Lane) "I'm terribly worried, I can't find Miss Cornelia anywhere, and something's happened to the policeman, I don't know what -- get Warner, bring him to the drawing room, tell him we need him."
  • (Lenita Lane) "That ain't nothing, just something bumping against the house."
  • (Lenita Lane) "That's just the wind banging the door, pay no attention to it. Listen to this,"
  • (Lenita Lane) "'One of his victims who lived for a moment after she was found described the Bat as a man without a face'. Honestly, Miss Gordy, I think that woman was exaggerating."
  • (Lenita Lane) "That's just the taphestry at the top of the stairs."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "I know, I know, I've heard it before on a windy night."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "That sounds as if someone were on the stairs, I know there isn't, at least there shouldn't be."
  • (Lenita Lane) "Them's just the noises you hear in any old house on a windy night."
  • (Lenita Lane) "It says here that the Bat never leaves no fingerprints."
  • (Agnes Moorehead) "That's understandable, having no face he probably has no fingers either."

Vincent Price as Dr. Malcolm Wells

  • (Vincent Price) "In my report I shall state that death was caused by a stunning blow followed by severe laceration and hemorrhage."
  • (Gavin Gordon) "In plain English, he didn't know what hit him."
  • (Vincent Price) "Oh he knew, but he didn't have time to think about it."

Harvey Stephens as John Fleming

  • (Harvey Stephens) "Doctor."
  • (Vincent Price) "Yes, John?"
  • (Harvey Stephens) "What would you do for half a million dollars?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Anything short of murder."
  • (Harvey Stephens) "Why not murder?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Too messy."
  • (Harvey Stephens) "Too great a risk?"
  • (Vincent Price) "For half a million, yes."
  • (Harvey Stephens) "I pinched a million from the bank."

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