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The Age of Consent (film) Quotes

The Age of Consent (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Age of Consent ended in 1970.

It features Pandro S. Berman as producer, and J. Roy Hunt as head of cinematography.

The Age of Consent (film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Age of Consent (film) is 63 minutes long. The Age of Consent (film) is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Arline Judge as Dora Swale, and Richard Cromwell as Michael 'Mike' Harvey.

The Age of Consent (film) Quotes

Arline Judge as Dora Swale

  • (Arline Judge) "Hello, polliwog."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Hello, Dora."
  • (Unseen Female I) "Whaddyou care if they're sharp or not? You can rub your beard off with a towel."
  • (Unseen Male I) "Wait'll you start to shave. Alright, alright, what about free love?"
  • (Unseen Female I) "There's nothing free about MY love, Romeo. Just remember that."
  • (Unseen Male I) "You for sale?"
  • (Unseen Female I) "Let's broaden the conversation."
  • (Unseen Male I) "When I get on a subject I like to stay with it. Hey, how about that butter?"
  • (Unseen Female II) "Stop it."
  • (Unseen Male II) "I'm gonna find out things for myself. How do I know? Ya may be knock-kneed."
  • (Unseen Female II) "I thoughtcha came to college to develop your brain."
  • (Unseen Male II) "Aw, who cares about brains? I come from a long line of people who work with their hands."
  • (Unseen Male II) "Alright, alright, whaddya wanna talk about?"
  • (Unseen Male II) "That's not so funny."
  • (Arline Judge) "Are you working out for the track team or is this a new game?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "I don't like free love with my meals."
  • (Boy in next booth) "Trouble is with you, you're old fashioned."
  • (Girl in next booth) "Maybe so, but what was good enough for my grandmother is good enough for me."
  • (Boy in next booth) "Well I don't want to be honorable with you unless it's absolutely necessary."
  • (Girl in next booth) "I'll call ya up sometime when I break training."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Don't they ever talk about anything else?"
  • (Arline Judge) "What else is there to talk about? How about somethin' to eat?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Oh, I don't know what I want."
  • (Arline Judge) "Gimme three guesses?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "People ever talk about marriage any more?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Why don't you get married? What do you hang around a dump like this for?"
  • (Arline Judge) "Scrambled eggs are nice."

Richard Cromwell as Michael 'Mike' Harvey

  • (Richard Cromwell) "You're a good-lookin' girl."
  • (Arline Judge) "Ya think so?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "You're bright --"
  • (Arline Judge) "Oh, I get it. Bein' bright don't getcha nowhere--just lookin' dumb. When I first got this job, I usta go home nights and study grammar. I thought it might help me if I talked better. But after goin' out with a couple of these apes around here, I threw the grammar out the window and went in for self-defense."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Well, after all creation didn't stop when they made THESE gorillas. You oughta know some nice fellas that --"
  • (Arline Judge) "Sure, you mean in my own class."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Oh well, I didn't mean --"
  • (Arline Judge) "Oh, it's ok. Listen precious, it ain't much fun after workin' hard all day and goin' home nights and just goin' to bed, but it's much better than sittin' around the rest of your life listenin' to some iceman's helper yawnin' himself to sleep."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Yeah, I guess you got life pretty tough at that."
  • (Arline Judge) "Oh, I ain't complainin'--not as long as YOU think I'm goodlookin'."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "What's that got to do with it?"
  • (Arline Judge) "Oh, it just helps me go on."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Don't look at me--I'm gonna be a missionary."
  • (Arline Judge) "You'd make a SWELL missionary."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "What do you mean by that?"
  • (Arline Judge) "Oh, you arouse my savage instincts."
  • (Arline Judge) "She hit ya pretty hard, didn't she?"
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Whaddya mean?"
  • (Arline Judge) "How about the chicken patties? We're trying to get rid of them."
  • (Richard Cromwell) "Alright, wheel 'em in."
  • (Arline Judge) "Chicken patties for one."

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