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Speedway (1929 film) Quotes

Speedway (1929 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Speedway ended in 1970.

It features Henry Sharp as head of cinematography.

Speedway (1929 film) is recorded in Silent film and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Speedway (1929 film) is 82 minutes long.

The cast includes: William Haines as Bill Whipple, Ernest Torrence as Jim MacDonald, Karl Dane as Dugan, and Polly Moran as Waitress.

Speedway (1929 film) Quotes

Ernest Torrence as Jim MacDonald

  • (Ernest Torrence) "Bill why don't you take this game seriously? You'll never be a driver if you don't."
  • (William Haines) "Say, listen. I can drive right now better than any of the punks on this track."
  • (Ernest Torrence) "Drivin's only half of it. Your trouble is -- you start plenty but never finish anything."
  • (Ernest Torrence) "Where the heck is Bill?"
  • (Karl Dane) "Maybe a bird flew by and thought he was a worm."
  • (Ernest Torrence) "Bird? Yeah -- a bird with skirts on."
  • (Ernest Torrence) "Where the heck is Bill?"
  • (Karl Dane) "Maybe he went to the hospital. He said somethin' 'bout the bones itchin' in his hand."

Karl Dane as Dugan

  • (Karl Dane) "The crooked mug. Cracked you up last year -- and now he's double-crossed Bill."
  • (Ernest Torrence) "It's up to you, Dugan. Get Renny. That's all I ask. Beat Renny."
  • (Karl Dane) "Does that bunch of pansies know anything?"
  • (Karl Dane) "Go easy, Bill. She's the little buttercup that Renny's hopin' to drive to the altar."

William Haines as Bill Whipple

  • (William Haines) "The lady will have poached eggs on toast -- and tea."
  • (William Haines) "Drive me closer to the curb, Dugan. Some of these girls may be near-sighted."
  • (William Haines) "What a break for you -- meeting me with the world full of men."
  • (Patricia 'Pat' Bonner) "I wish you'd move away. Flies annoy me."
  • (Patricia 'Pat' Bonner) "Renny played a mean trick on you, Bill. I'm terribly sorry."
  • (William Haines) "Yeah -- but it's a great break for everybody. With me out they've all got a chance now."
  • (Patricia 'Pat' Bonner) "You swell-headed fool. You were so busy taking bows that you couldn't see Renny was just using you. You're out of the race. Everybody's laughing at you."
  • (William Haines) "Aw, come on -- smile and show your l'il toofums for daddy."

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