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Pretty Poison (film) Quotes

Pretty Poison (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Pretty Poison completed its run in 1970.

It features Lawrence Turman as producer, Johnny Mandel in charge of musical score, and David Quaid as head of cinematography.

Pretty Poison (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Pretty Poison (film) is 89 minutes long. Pretty Poison (film) is distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation.

The cast includes: Tuesday Weld as Sue Ann Stepanek, Anthony Perkins as Dennis Pitt, and John Randolph as Morton Azenauer.

Pretty Poison (film) Quotes

Tuesday Weld as Sue Ann Stepanek

  • (Tuesday Weld) "You are some character, Dennis. I'm surprised the C.I.A. lets you out without a keeper."
  • (Tuesday Weld) "You know, when grown-ups do it, it's kind of dirty. That's because there's no one to punish them."

Anthony Perkins as Dennis Pitt

  • (Anthony Perkins) "Boy. What a week. I met you on Monday, fell in love with you on Tuesday, Wednesday I was unfaithful, Thursday we killed a guy together. How about that for a crazy week, Sue Ann?"
  • (Tuesday Weld) ""Unfaithful Wednesday?""
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I was just joking, Sue Anne. That was in another country. Forget it. I do, no kidding, love you. I love you."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "There was some poison once, but no one recognized it. In fact, that poison was even quite -- pretty-looking. So, the problem was, what to do about it? It took me some time to realize that what to do about it was very simple: nothing."
  • (John Randolph) "Nothing?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Correct, Mr. Azenauer, because who'd listen to me; known to be no good? But if that poison just stayed there, getting worse and worse, like poison always does; spreading, until even the blindest man could see, until he HAD to see --"
  • (John Randolph) "Go on --"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Sorry -- I've learned that people only pay attention to what they discover for themselves. So long --"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "If you're ever in Winslow, see what Sue Ann is up to, will you?"
  • (John Randolph) "I'll keep an eye on her, Dennis."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "So long."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I must tell you, Mr. Azenaur, a lumber yard does seem like a slight waste of my talents."
  • (John Randolph) "Is that so?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Yes, sir. I've been taking a secret course in interplanetary navigation. I had hoped to be appointed to the first Venus rocket."
  • (John Randolph) "Cut that out, Dennis."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I was kidding, sir."
  • (John Randolph) "These fantasies of yours can be dangerous. Now, you lay off that stuff."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Yes, sir. Well, I better not miss my bus to the lumber yard. You'll be hearing from me."
  • (John Randolph) "Dennis -- Believe me, Dennis, you're going out into a very real and very tough world. It's got no place at all for fantasies."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I'll tell you frankly, Sue Ann, this man does not visit your mother for any subversive reasons."
  • (Tuesday Weld) "Well, how do you know until you check him out?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Okay, we'll get his picture. It has to be a profile, though."
  • (Tuesday Weld) "A profile? Why?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Because of the ears. They never change. Many a man has been unmasked because of the ears, even after extensive plastic surgery."
  • (Tuesday Weld) "Well, I didn't know that."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Luckily for us, not many people do."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I once did some unlicensed tree surgery. I foolishly performed an abortion on a peach tree."

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