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Let Him Have It Quotes

Let Him Have It is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Let Him Have It stopped airing in 1970.

It features Luc Roeg, and Robert Warr as producer, Michael Kamen in charge of musical score, and Oliver Stapleton as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Let Him Have It is 115 min long. Let Him Have It is distributed by First Independent Films, and Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Paul Reynolds as Chris Craig, Clare Holman as Iris Bentley, Serena Scott Thomas as Stella, Christopher Eccleston as Derek Bentley, Mark McGann as Niven Craig, Tom Courtenay as William Bentley, and Christopher Eccleston as Denis Bentley.

Let Him Have It Quotes

Paul Reynolds as Chris Craig

  • (Paul Reynolds) "Hey I like these. You got good taste."
  • (Unnamed) "Or he can't read, like you."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Hey. Shut ya mouth college boy."
  • (Unnamed) "You gonna make me, wise guy?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I'll make ya."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Hands up buster. Against the wall."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "You cheeky little bleeder."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "What's the matter Derek? Can't take a joke?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I don't wanna do nothing with you. You ain't no pal of mine, stick with your fucking family."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "You know I could square it with Niv if you want a shot at her, I don't suppose he'd mind, not if you're a pal of mine."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I suppose you're gonna go too are ya?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah, I think I might, this is a botch job."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Some gang we are."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Off you fuck then."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Should've killed that fucker as well."
  • (Lawyer) "Between the age of 11 and your present age, 16, how many fire arms have you had?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Forty or fifty."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I, uh, used to swap them with friends at school."
  • (Judge) "Why did you swap them?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Because I liked them."
  • (Lawyer) "Did having them make you feel like one of the gangsters in the films?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Yes, sir."
  • (Lawyer) "And how often did you carry them around with you?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Every day."
  • (Judge) "Forty or fifty do you mean?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Well I didn't carry them all at the same time, sir."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I wish I was fuckin' dead -- I woulda killed the fuckin' lot of ya."
  • (Lawyer) "Are you a good shot?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "No."

Christopher Eccleston as Derek Bentley

  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Dad look what I found."
  • (Tom Courtenay) "That's nice, son."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Let him have it, Chris."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "I went National Service Medical yesterday."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Yeah?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "They said I was sub normal."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "You ain't sub normal, Del- you ain't normal, but you ain't sub normal."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "You soft or something?"
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Is that soft?"

Tom Courtenay as William Bentley

  • (Tom Courtenay) "Have you been with that Craig?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Did he come round here?"
  • (Tom Courtenay) "Yeah."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Don't worry about him, dad, he's just barmy that's all."

Clare Holman as Iris Bentley

  • (Clare Holman) "How's that boy you're seeing?"
  • (Serena Scott Thomas) "What, Johnny? I'm not going about with him no more; his cars off the road."
  • (Clare Holman) "Come on muscle man, lets see what you're made of."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Very cosy, Derek."
  • (Clare Holman) "Go away Craig."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to your fucking brother."
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Don't you talk to her like that."
  • (Clare Holman) "Derek, lets go."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Is that what you've been doing? Keeping away from me so you can play happy bloody families?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Chris, mind your own business; I'll see you when I want to."
  • (Clare Holman) "My brother don't wanna go round with you no more."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "Well, Del?"
  • (Christopher Eccleston) "Look, fuck off."
  • (Paul Reynolds) "You're a useless bastard. And a FUCKING traitor."

Mark McGann as Niven Craig

  • (Mark McGann) "Money ought to be in people's pockets- where we can get at it."
  • (Mark McGann) "I just change my get up as often as I change my women."

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