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Lady with a Past Quotes

Lady with a Past is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Lady with a Past ended in 1970.

It features Charles R. Rogers as producer.

Lady with a Past is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lady with a Past is 80 minutes long. Lady with a Past is distributed by RKO Pathė Pictures, Inc..

The cast includes: Constance Bennett as Venice Muir, Merna Kennedy as Ann Duryea, David Manners as Donnie Wainwright, Nella Walker as Aunt Emma, Astrid Allwyn as Lola, Ben Lyon as Guy Bryson, Don Alvarado as Carlos Santiagos, and John Roche as Carl.

Lady with a Past Quotes

Ben Lyon as Guy Bryson

  • (Ben Lyon) "We're bound to met some fellas here."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Guy, I'm scared."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Oh, come along. So was Eve and look what a mess she made of Adam."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, I know; but, I don't want to make a mess of anyone."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I know, my pet, they never want to."
  • (Ben Lyon) "We're going to the bicycle races in a few minutes."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I spent an hour at the Ritz bar after I left you. Oh, lady, lady, when I left there, a lot of the fellas said that you were simply wonderful. You had everything. Even a very, eh, a very slight past."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Past?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "Oh, nothing you could put your finger on. But, a lot of the boys will try."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, I'll die. I couldn't live up to the past of a midget."
  • (Ben Lyon) "You don't know midgets. Now, I heard of a midget that broke up the home of a heavy weight champ."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Good night, Venice. You're swell. Everything's gonna work out all right."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Thanks. You are a perfect gigolo. I almost feel like kissing you."
  • (Ben Lyon) "What could I do? I'd have to stand it."
  • (Constance Bennett) "You're horrid."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Come along, come along. I want to give you a practical lesson in what used to be called sin."
  • (Ben Lyon) "You look like a; good girl."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, do I?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "You are a good girl, aren't you?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "Yes, I'm afraid that may be my trouble."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Courage, my pet. Courage."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Get up. I hate to see a woman on her knees, unless, she''s scrubbing."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I think anything might be possible with you."
  • (Ben Lyon) "What do you think about the bicycle races?"
  • (Don Alvarado) "Bi-cycle races are idiotic."
  • (Ben Lyon) "What's so idiotic about 'em?"
  • (Don Alvarado) "They don't get any where."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I suppose polo players do?"
  • (Don Alvarado) "Certainly, to the goal post."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Well, bicycle races get to the finish."
  • (Don Alvarado) "The finish is the start."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Well, nevertheless, we're going to the bi-cycle races."
  • (Ben Lyon) "Goodbye, my pet."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I'll teach you, my pet."
  • (Ben Lyon) "The trouble with you Argentines is a lack of confidence. That's why you lost the war."
  • (Don Alvarado) "What war?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "I don't know, any war. What war were you in?"

Merna Kennedy as Ann Duryea

  • (Merna Kennedy) "I'm glad you're here Donnie. I have a bone to pick with you."
  • (David Manners) "Oh, well, let's pick it over there, under the piano."
  • (Merna Kennedy) "Very well."

David Manners as Donnie Wainwright

  • (David Manners) "You shouldn't have done that."
  • (Constance Bennett) "No, Donnie, I shouldn't have."
  • (David Manners) "Say you've got lovely hair. Where did you get it?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "I've had it for years."
  • (David Manners) "She's too gloomy."
  • (Astrid Allwyn) "Oh, she is not. Why, Venice is the sweetest girl here. She has a positively beautiful sense of humor. And, underneath, why, she's really warm; and vibrant; and mysterious."
  • (David Manners) "Venice?"
  • (Astrid Allwyn) "Yes, Venice. And she isn't shop-worn."
  • (David Manners) "I love your sense of humor; but, don't use it just now."
  • (David Manners) "Oh, why not lay off me till I get my perspective back. And, if you're still interested, we might be; playmates. Well, you won't be lonesome in the meantime."
  • (Constance Bennett) "What are you saying?"
  • (David Manners) "Oh, don't suddenly go innocent on me."
  • (David Manners) "Well, I guess the only place I could talk to you would be while you're taking a bath."
  • (Party Guest) "Who's that girl?"
  • (David Manners) "Which one?"
  • (Party Guest) "The one in white over there, wasting that gorgeous smile on old man Patridge."
  • (David Manners) "Oh, that's Venice Muir."
  • (Party Guest) "Well, I'm cutting in."
  • (David Manners) "Go ahead. She's a nice girl. Nicest girl I know. Old Patridge is her lawyer. You know, custody of her estate. He said he used to take her over his knee and spank her, et cetera."
  • (Party Guest) "Well, he can be her lawyer or trustee, I'll, eh, take the et cetera."

Constance Bennett as Venice Muir

  • (Constance Bennett) "Are we really going to the bicycle races?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "Would you like to earn some money?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "I'll do anything short of murder."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Well, would you work for me?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "Well, sure, why not?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "Well, I know this, eh, funny thing to ask anyone, but, I was wondering, could you be a, sort of, well, eh, sort of, a gigolo?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "What's the matter, Rene? A few moments ago you seemed gay."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Guy, you're so clever. How is it possible for one human being to know so much?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "I should know. I've had two wives -- shot out from underneath me."
  • (Constance Bennett) "I've simply got to stop talking to myself. I talk to myself so much I'm worn out when I meet people."
  • (Constance Bennett) "People who live in glass houses shouldn't live in glass houses."
  • (Mr. Patridge) "All the pleasure of dancing with a lovely young lady and none of the hazards."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Mr. Patridge, you can be a little hazardous."
  • (Constance Bennett) "You seem unusually gay tonight, Rene, and rightfully so. It's a lovely party."
  • (Constance Bennett) "I hope we don't meet any more men in here, Guy. My ankle won't stand it."
  • (Ben Lyon) "I'm sorry, Venice."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Couldn't you find somewhere else to kick me, for a change?"
  • (Ben Lyon) "Well, I could, but it wouldn't be refined."
  • (Constance Bennett) "Oh, Guy."
  • (Constance Bennett) "I guess I'm too; pure. Well, nothing I can do about that. I wonder --"

Astrid Allwyn as Lola

  • (Astrid Allwyn) "Someday a man with a nose for adventure is going to come along; and; discover Venice. And you can just bet that he'll have the most exciting time of any man in New York."

Nella Walker as Aunt Emma

  • (Nella Walker) "Well, dear, what does interests young men nowadays?"
  • (Constance Bennett) "If I knew the answer to that, darling, I wouldn't be sitting here all wrapped up in gloom."

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