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Kopps Quotes

Kopps is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Kopps completed its run in 1970.

It features Anna Anthony as producer, and Aril Wretblad as head of cinematography.

Kopps is recorded in Swedish and originally aired in Sweden. Each episode of Kopps is 90 minutes long. Kopps is distributed by Sonet Film.

The cast includes: Sissela Kyle as Agneta, Göran Ragnerstam as Lasse, Torkel Petersson as Benny, and Fares Fares as Jacob.

Kopps Quotes

Torkel Petersson as Benny

  • (Torkel Petersson) "I've had a collision down at Östervegen. The trashcan on the left side is completely wasted. Hell, it looks as if a fucking psychopath has been there --"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Where the Hell are we going to have lunch now?"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Don't ever fuck with Benny the cop."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Shit, they got some really cool waistcoats."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Can you help me with the computer?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, I'm coming."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Come on."
  • (Unnamed) "Just hit the button."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Well there is a hell of a lot of buttons,; "Pause", "Delete", "Home"."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Shit come on."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Håkan."
  • (Unnamed) "Take it easy."
  • (Benny's neighbour) "What are you, a woman?"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "No, I'm a cop."

Sissela Kyle as Agneta

  • (Sissela Kyle) "Do you want us to pierce you through the scrotum Göran?"
  • (Sissela Kyle) "Benny, Do you think my tits are baggy?"
  • (Sissela Kyle) "What kind of fat is this? Looks like a bun around his stomach. Do you have a spare tire if we have a puncture?"
  • (Göran Ragnerstam) "And you say that with those baggy tits. Shitty saddlebags pointing south."
  • (Sissela Kyle) "Hey, Hey -- Hey, take a shower with me, and I'll show you."
  • (Sissela Kyle) "Perfect."

Fares Fares as Jacob

  • (Fares Fares) "We just want to change the statistics a bit."
  • (Fares Fares) "Bring your hair with you, we're leaving now."
  • (Fares Fares) "What has happened to you hair?"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Nothing."
  • (Fares Fares) "Nothing? You're god damn --"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Stop it."
  • (Fares Fares) "Do you wear a wig?"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Jacob, god damn, don't tell anyone."
  • (Fares Fares) "No."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Don't tell anyone. Nobody's going to like me."
  • (Fares Fares) "Yes."
  • (Torkel Petersson) "No -- I can't do a thing. I don't want to be a cop anymore. I can't even -- I'm so fucking bad. I can't even drive a car properly. I'm just a bald egghead."

Göran Ragnerstam as Lasse

  • (Göran Ragnerstam) "Radio Cars?"
  • (Torkel Petersson) "That is what they are called"
  • (Göran Ragnerstam) "I will not drive around saying "radio cars""
  • (Torkel Petersson) "Then some errors will occur. There's a lot of vehicles in the police force. Emergency vehicles, Black Marias --"
  • (Fares Fares) "Benny, we just have two cars. Number one and number two. That can't be too difficult to understand."
  • (Göran Ragnerstam) "We just tried to change the statistics."

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